Wavy hair using a flat iron

Any woman should be able to create a beautiful hairstyle, and the greater their diversity, the more interesting it turns out each new image. To look fashionable, you need to learn several ways of styling and Curling, graceful curls to wavy hair, as well as various ways on how to make hair wavy if hair strands from nature direct.

Modern styling products — cosmetics and beauty-devices — allow you to create a chic, festive and everyday hairstyles for wavy hair, regardless of length and structure. The main thing — to act with knowledge of the matter.

How to prepare hair for styling

Wavy hair using a flat iron

Any hairstyle is always done only on freshly washed hair, and the result depends on whether you shampoo. Owners of greasy hair type is better to choose transparent very good based on soft components, such as birch, Linden, nettle, peppermint, rosemary and others. But those who have hair from root to tip of dry, suitable nourishing shampoos creams rich pearl color with silk proteins, avocado oil, olive, cocoa, coconut and others.

A special case is greasy at the roots and dry at the ends hair. For this type of combination, there are special shampoos, but it is better to use a shampoo for oily hair, and after shampooing, as you must moisturize the ends.

Knowing about the upcoming installation, do not use after washing nourishing mask and thick conditioners. Your skin after washing it should be rinsed and leave a thin protective layer, whose task is to make the hair more manageable and easier to comb while drying.

Ideally, hair should be dry in a natural way is to wipe with a towel and allow to completely air dry. However, before laying, this method is not suitable for neat hairstyles will require drying.

To avoid damaging the hair high temperature, use the lowest heat of a hair dryer. Also, before blow-drying the roots need to put a little money to give volume (mousse or spray). Dry hair from roots to ends and blow air from the top down — it will protect from drying out and will help the scales to close. After drying, you can begin creating your spectacular curls.

How to make easy wavy hair

With the help of a flat iron can curl long hair in several ways: to create a light wave from the roots, careless curls or tight neat curls, framing the face. Haircuts for wavy hair is also perfect to highlight a few strands with a straightening iron — this gives the hair a stylish shape and a finished look.

So nice to curl your hair with a Flatiron, perform the sequence of actions:

Wavy hair using a flat iron

  1. separate the hair into multiple symmetrical sectors: crown, nape, bangs, temples and behind the ears on each side, and secure with Bobby pins;
  2. work with each sector separately, removing one pin;
  3. divide each sector for a few strands with a thickness of about two fingers;
  4. comb your hair, apply a little protective means against overheating (cream, crystal, gel), comb again;
  5. grab a strand from the hot flat iron at the roots;
  6. turn the pad around its axis, creating a curl;
  7. pull the lock of the sliding movement throughout its length;
  8. work gently, but quickly — the influence of hot Ironing should not exceed 15 seconds.

Treating all the hair, secure the hair spray with strong fixation, emphasize individual bends in the curls with a small amount of wax or gel-gloss.

If you are going to decorate the hair curls just around your face, gather your hair into a ponytail, pulling the temporal strands so that they covered his ears. Lay the parting and the bangs, if any. Grab a strand at the roots and turn the pad around its axis in a downward direction, pull the entire length. To create your spiral curl, hold the Curling inclined and keep turning it throughout the length of the strands, twirling the curl a little tighter.

At the tip of the iron is better not to delay — this is their dry and curls too. The basic emphasis do on the curls near the chin and neck, where they look particularly impressive.

A few words about choosing a flat iron (Curling iron):

Wavy hair using a flat iron

  1. trust only known brands of household appliances, which are used for manufacture of parts of high-quality metal, ceramic and plastic, and inside is a reliable electronics with protection from overheating;
  2. the right pad should have multiple heating modes: fine, soft hair get the desired shape already at 120° C, dyed and damaged depending on the stiffness of the line or curl when the temperature is 120-160° C, maximum heat for tough undyed hair — 180° C;
  3. corrugated irons good for creating accents in the hair, however, if you expect to do with one device, choose the universal flat irons with smooth plates;
  4. advanced models with special features during installation will ionize hair, that acts as a antistatic agent and prolongs styling.

Good luck experimenting and let your hair is always stunning!