Ways of preparing carp in the oven

Silver carp belongs to the category of available fish that can be purchased throughout the year in shops and markets. This slave is not only delicious, but also useful. Besides, it is considered a dietary product, so we can include it in my menu, not afraid to spoil the figure.

Many people love gefilte fish, which can become the star of any holiday table. We offer to your attention a few recipes of which can overpower even a beginner cook.

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Recipe carp in foil in the oven

Let's start with the simple recipe, which does not need the use of any spices or additives. In the end, the fish retains its natural flavor and turns out very juicy. This dish is ideal for dietetic nutrition. Prepared ingredients are enough for about 6-8 servings.

This recipe in foil consists of the following products: a couple of carcasses, 2 tablespoons of sour cream, pinch of salt, coriander and pepper, and lemon.

The scheme of cooking:

Ways of preparing carp in the oven
  1. carcass wash, remove the scales and entrails. Still need to cut the fins, tail and remove the head. Pruning does not throw away because they can cook a delicious soup. Carp from all sides, including the inside, RUB with salt and pepper. Then smear the sour cream and sprinkle chopped coriander. Make the fish cuts, and paste the slices of lemon and sprinkle juice on top. Leave at least half an hour, but, if possible, increase the time up to 2 h;
  2. every fish wrap in a sheet of foil so that during cooking the resulting juice poured out. Put them on a baking sheet or form and put in the oven, which should be a good warm up. Cooking time – 40 mins after the time the foil expand, top to lubricate still sour cream. Place in oven and bake for another 15 min. During this time, the surface formed a delicious crust. Serve to garnish, adding a favorite sauce.

Recipe of stuffed and baked carp in the oven

Fish cooked by this recipe turns out very tasty, flavorful and tender. This dish is suitable for regular family dinner and for the holiday table. Cook, following instructions, and then all will certainly succeed.

In the recipe includes the following products: carcass weight of 1.3 kg, salt, pepper, 3 onions, large carrots, 200 grams of cheese, 3 large mushrooms, vegetable oil and 100 g of mayonnaise.

The scheme of cooking:

  1. prepare the stuffing for which onion peel and cut into small cubes and carrots RUB on a grater. In frying pan, rascality oil and fry the prepared vegetables in there. Peel and wash mushrooms and then chop them in small pieces and put in pan. Fry until to evaporate the moisture, and the ingredients are Golden. After the roast has cooled, add the grated cheese;
  2. take the carcass and clean it from scales. Make the belly incision and remove the innards. Still need to cut out the eyes and gills. The next step is to rinse the fish in running water, dry on a paper towel and then wipe the outside and inside with a mixture of pepper and salt. Leave it for half an hour to all soaked. After that, rinse again and dry;
  3. abdomen of carp fill with stuffing and then sew it with thread. Take a baking tray or form and grease it with oil. The remaining onion cut into rings and place evenly, given the size of the carcass. Put the fish, brush it with mayonnaise and sprinkle grated cheese. If you want to get a dietary dish, use sour cream. Send the pan in the oven you want to preheat to 170 degrees. Stuffed carp is cooked for hours. Before serving you can decorate the dish in any way.

In the oven to cook carp with ginger and orange?

This dish will surprise even the most demanding gourmets, as the usual fish thanks to the used ingredients is very tasty and fragrant. If you want to impress guests at the next holiday, be sure to use this recipe. Due to the long thermal treatment of small bones become very soft.

This dish of carp in the oven prepared from such products: 1.5 kg of silver carp, 90 g of ginger, 3 oranges, 425 ml dry white wine, salt, pepper, 2 tbsp. croutons and 1 teaspoon of dried Basil.

The scheme of cooking:

Ways of preparing carp in the oven
  1. prepared as in previous recipes, carcass, wipe off the salt and pepper on all sides, including the abdomen. Peeled ginger root cut into thin slices. Wash the lemon and cut them into rings;
  2. a form with large boards need to be oiled. Put on the bottom half of the prepared ginger and put the carcass in the abdomen which insert a bit of ginger and a few rings on top of cover. Pour the wine and sprinkle with croutons. A few slices of orange put into the abdomen, and the rest lay around. Only thing left is to sprinkle with dried Basil. The top of the form wrap foil;
  3. put in oven at low temperature bring the wine to a boil and cook for 2 hours If you want the bones were very soft, then cook the fish for 4 hours. Half an hour before cooking, remove the foil, increase the temperature to 200 degrees and bake until all the liquid evaporates and until Golden brown.

The recipe for stuffed carp in the oven in Chisinau

Another version of gefilte fish, which will be the star of your holiday. Cooks believe that the best way to cook carp with the stuffing, because it allows you to enhance its fresh taste.

In the recipe of this dish includes the following products: carcass weight of 1-1,5 kg, 100 g bread pulp, 100 ml of milk, 4 eggs, a couple onions, carrots, 2 tablespoons of chopped herbs, 3 tablespoons oil and spices

The scheme of cooking:

  1. the carcass must be clean, gut, remove gills and other unwanted parts. Then make neat incisions and remove the skin. Near the tail should be cut off the ridge to stay with the skin. The flesh separate from the bones, and the bread soak in the milk. Then grind them in a blender or grinder, and to the resulting mass, put the egg, salt, pepper and spices. Carefully stirred a lot of hands and several times it repel;
  2. clean the vegetables, cut them in small dice and fry in hot oil. Boil 3 eggs, peel them and cut into small dice. Mix with the roast and place chopped herbs and spices. All carefully stirred;
  3. in the abdomen put the stuffing, and then close her stuffing. Thread tape the edges. The remaining meat is also recommended to fill the head, which must be fixed with a clean bandage. Lay the fish on a baking tray back up. Top grease with vegetable oil and in a pan pour 1 tbsp. of broth or water. Send it in the oven, which must be heated to 180 degrees. Cooking time – 1 hour Serve chilled and cut into pieces.

Carp baked in the oven with soy sauce

This dish is suitable for any occasion. We are sure that it will surprise even the most demanding gourmets. We offer you to cook individual steaks, which will simplify the filing process.

In the recipe includes the following products: carcass weight of 2 kg, spices, soy sauce, garlic, lemon, salt and pepper. The number of ingredients pick depending on your own taste preferences.

The scheme of cooking:

Ways of preparing carp in the oven
  1. to cook the dish, clean the bird, wash it and divide into individual steaks. Peeled garlic finely chop, and the lemon cut into half rings. Mix soy sauce with garlic, salt, pepper and spices;
  2. grease a baking tray with oil and place steaks on it. On top pour the prepared sauce and place lemon. Cook in a preheated 220 degree oven for half an hour.

You can choose any available fish recipe, because each of them allows you to cook a delicious dish.

You can change the composition of the product, for example, experimenting with toppings, or put the fish marinating.

Carp baked with vegetables