Ways to make a small entrance hall visually wider

Small hallways, narrow corridors is a typical layout of houses. With the right environment and carefully selected design can be done so that the lobby is small in size will be functional and in it are placed all the necessary items: cabinets, Shoe racks, mirrors.

The content of the article

The main objectives of the design

Ways to make a small entrance hall visually wider

The main ideas that aim to design a very small corridor in the hallway, must be subordinated to one purpose – to visually enlarge the space.

There are certain rules that help to implement this task:

  • Not worth making use of dark tones. The lighter the room, the more it seems;
  • Visually reduce the size of a large bright ornaments. From them it is also advisable to go;
  • Visually increases the useful area light. So, you should think about installing additional lighting;
  • An excess of bulky furniture the room even with a large area can turn into a "warehouse". You should think carefully about what furniture will be in the hallway, not what you can do;
  • Design of small hallways must includes the installation of a mirror or several mirrors. It is a necessary part of the interior;
  • Corridor space should not be overloaded with small details. These cute little things look good in the bedroom, or lady's boudoir.

Any mats of patchwork, rugs, toys, which should give individuality, even in good light to assess properly impossible. They are simply not seen. However, they can create a feeling of General clutter of the room.

Architectural tricks, which expands the space

Modern design a narrow hallway in a small apartment helps to expand the space thanks to new technological solutions.

Nowhere to set the mirror to add lightness? In the painting of interior doors you can insert the stained glass Windows, they also decorate the doors of corridor lockers.

Niches located in the walls, probably designers were conceived as places for storing shoes. But in practice only hinder niche: locker, even the narrowest, set in them impossible. Does that put the bag at the entrance from the street.

If they have to install additional light sources, it will create a feeling of space and additional comfort.

The design is very narrow and small hallway don't always fit in the door. Just remove the door leaf – ugly. But to replace them with an arched – style.

Some designers offer to dismantle the mezzanine. In a small apartment the decision creates for its inhabitants the inconvenience, things have nowhere to put.

Modern materials such as drywall, used to make suspended ceilings – at the same time to mask the interior detail, and visually increase the height of the corridor.

Wall decor and lighting

Bright walls, bright Wallpaper, bright ceilings and flooring. All this will make the room visually wider, but we should not forget that it's still a hallway, but still too narrow.

Necessarily going to hurt for light walls and furniture clothing and hands, there will be contamination, the overall look will become unattractive.

Those places that are impossible not to touch, you can decorate. The corners on the walls to close a plastic or metal corners, exposed parts of cabinets – bright, easy-to-clean plastic.

Ways to make a small entrance hall visually wider

When you enter the apartment, at the very bottom of the doors and walls, install tile or plastic panel. This will help to prevent dirt which falls from street shoes.

Additional lighting will allow better orientation in space of the hall and avoid contact with walls and furniture.

To create a modern design uncomfortable small hallways can be due to the fashionable and comfortable acoustic lights. What is their advantage?

The main positives were:

  • they work from batteries that don't require liner electric cable;
  • are not stationary – when moving furniture, they can be carried from one place to another;
  • turn on the sound of steps that will help to avoid unnecessary contact with objects;
  • I have the dimmer.

The downside is the batteries have to be frequently charged. If the use of alternate light sources: at the entrance included rechargeable lamp and then unplug and go to a steady light, charging will take less.

In addition, these lamps can be installed in cabinets, which is very convenient.

Trim small areas

When decorating the walls in a small room, make optimal use of the Wallpaper. They are presented in terms of quality, texture and color in a wide range. As already mentioned, in very small rooms with bright colors and large ornaments to use is undesirable. To enliven the overall view will help the texture of the material.

Do not hang the hallways paper Wallpaper. If the option of the washable seems to be outdated, it is possible to apply the metallic finish, fiberglass, quartz, by linkrust.

Liquid Wallpaper applied to the wall with a spatula, give the opportunity to experiment with colors. Modern materials are durable, they can be washed and vacuumed, if they are dirty.

Very convenient to decorate the walls of the corridor panels of MDF or PVC. They possess durability, creating an additional effect of insulation, fine wash.

But when you install eat up a few much-needed inches of space. Now in Vogue decorative plaster. Is it worth it to use in a small hallway? The natural stone will make the room even narrower.

Any design ideas for a small hallway, nor were offered, preference is given to bright, shiny ceiling. Perfectly expand the space lacquer coating. No economic opportunity to establish this structure, it is possible to carefully align the ceiling and paint with regular paint in the color white.

An interesting element is the mirrored ceiling with lighting. Choosing a floor covering should take into consideration not only aesthetics, but also practicality. Floor load in hall is higher than in the other rooms.

Parquet and wooden flooring at the entrance to the apartment is impractical. As a modern material with sufficient durability and easy maintenance, it is possible to recommend laminate.

Not worth it in small hallways to lay carpet. Light – fast-dirty and dark – visually reduces the volume of the corridor.

The linoleum is much cheaper in cost, although the installation easier to carry out. But even special flooring deteriorating rapidly from acute women's heels. The savings would be questionable.

The perfect floor covering in the hallway – ceramic tile. Resilient, easy to clean. But keep in mind this caveat – you will have to pick up the tiles with a rough surface. Otherwise you can be injured at the entrance to the apartment.

How to furnish a corner hallway

It is necessary to efficiently use the corners of the corridor. They can set multi-level shelves, to fix the mirror. Furniture made to order, will fit well in the design of a small corner of the hallway. When ordering furniture, you need to consider its functionality and the ability to install.

It is desirable that this set is included:

  • corner wardrobe;
  • Shoe racks;
  • boxes for accessories: umbrellas, keys and other small items;
  • mirror;
  • hanger.
Ways to make a small entrance hall visually wider

In order not to clutter the room, hanger and wardrobe can be combined. Not necessarily in the Cabinet door making – without them even street clothes Louuchshe will be aired.

Shelves are located at different heights, so can save space. Corner cabinets with creatively placed shelves create a panoramic effect, especially if they are mirrors of irregular shape.

When designing the interior of a narrow little hallway we need to appreciate every inch. Do not abuse styles. For example, the country requires additional accessories and rounded corners. Modern style modern or classic – it is practical, convenient and functional.