We treat allergies with folk remedies

Allergy is a state of the immune response to a certain irritant (allergen). It should be noted that this is just a reactive state, which is successfully stopped by accurately identifying the irritant (allergen) and eliminating contact with it. Treatment of allergies with folk remedies is the safest method of therapy.

Risk factors for which the likelihood of allergies in the human body is high:

  1. Genetic predisposition;
  2. Immunosuppressive conditions;
  3. Long or frequent courses of antibiotics;
  4. Frequent contact with chemicals (work in the chemical industry).
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< span class = "strong"> The most famous irritants are:

We treat allergies with folk remedies
  1. Pollen during flowering;
  2. < li> Various food products (honey, chocolate, strawberry, milk, citrus);
  • Biological footprint s of humans and animals (hairs, hairs, claws, feathers, saliva);
  • Household dust (mites are dangerous);
  • Medicines - the substance itself can become an allergen and various auxiliary substances;
  • Chemicals - insecticides, fertilizers, dyes, surfactants in detergents and cleaning agents, flavor enhancers in seasonings;
  • Natural phenomena - sun or frost;
  • Viral, microbial infections and toxins, parasites, insect bites (bees, spiders) produced by them.
  • Allergy symptoms

    Most often, patients experience respiratory and dermatological manifestations of allergies, such as swelling of the nose and sneezing, cough and sore throat, itching and redness at the site of contact with the allergen.

    There are also more severe manifestations, such as anaphylactic shock, Miniere's disease (a severe form of allergy, in which a persistent gag reflex occurs, dizzy and hearing loss), Lyell's syndrome (times massive skin necrosis). In such cases, hospitalization is necessary for the treatment of allergies.

    Treatment with folk remedies

    In simple, uncomplicated cases, folk remedies for allergies can be used with great success.

    So, for example, it is advisable to use the following folk recipes for rhinitis with allergies:

    We treat allergies with folk remedies

    1. Collection of centaury (five tablespoons), St. John's wort (four tablespoons), crushed rose hips (four tablespoons), dandelion root (three tablespoons), corn silk (1 tablespoon ), horsetail (two tablespoons).Dandelion roots and rose hips must be minced. Mix all components thoroughly. Leave to brew for twelve hours. Pour boiling water at the rate of one and a half glasses of water for 1 tbsp. l. herbs. Strain. Dosage one glass three times a day;
    2. Collection of: tricolor violets (half a glass), citric seed (one hundred and fifty grams), coltsfoot herb (half a glass), calamus root (fifty grams), elecampane root (fifty grams), rosemary (half a glass). Grind herbs, mix, pour boiling water at the rate of 200 ml of water per one tablespoon of collection). The collection is brewed in the evening, and in the morning it is filtered and applied three times a day before meals and before going to bed;
    3. Tea made from: ground chaga (three glasses), pine buds (1/4 cup), wormwood (one teaspoon), rose hips (1/4 cup), dried yarrow (1/4 cup). Poured with var at the rate of 5 grams of herbs per 200 ml of water. Defends overnight. Taken before meals, one tablespoon;
    4. Infusion of celandine. A tablespoon of herb, poured into a glass of water, infused for sixty minutes and consumed three times a day, twenty grams.

    Here are some popular methods of treating skin allergies:

    1. Fresh cucumber or apple juice quickly relieves itching. Only the fruits should be free of pesticides and other chemicals, otherwise the allergy will only intensify;
    2. Potato gruel. Chopped potatoes are bandaged to the affected area of ​​the skin for a couple of hours. Also effectively relieves itching;
    3. Geranium decoction. Two tablespoons of the leaves are brewed with half a liter of boiling water. Cool and blot the skin with gauze napkins;
    4. Black currant branches. Young shoots of a bush brewed in a thermos for a long time to insist and drink in unlimited quantities as tea. This tea helps relieve inflammation of the skin;
    5. The juice squeezed out of the celery root relieves both inflammation and itching. Take two teaspoons three times a day before meals;
    6. Broth of oats. Powdered oats, boil for about thirty minutes over low heat. The resulting porridge is added to the bath. You can take such baths without restrictions;
    7. Rosehip or aloe oil is very effective in relieving skin inflammation. It is necessary to lubricate sore spots several times a day;
    8. Decoctions of oak or chamomile bark when rubbed into the skin also effectively relieve inflammation.

    also some popular recipes to get rid of allergies in the body as a whole:

    We treat allergies with folk remedies
    1. Duckweed. Dry and dried can be used as a food additive. For children, it is diluted with water, and for adults with alcohol according to this recipe: dilute 50 g of fresh raw materials in 500 ml of liquid and leave for seven days. Dosage - twenty drops three times a day;
    2. Shilajit. Diluted 1 g per 1 liter of water. Dosage for children from one to three years ¼ glass, children from four to seven years, 1/3 cup, over 8 years old andtall ½ cup. The solution is washed down with warm milk. The course of treatment in spring and autumn for twenty days;
    3. Dandelion juice. It is prepared like this: twist fresh, washed grass in a meat grinder, dilute with water in a ratio of one to two and bring to a boil. Before taking, try on the skin, and then take a few drops orally, since dandelion is also an allergen for some people. If the tolerance is normal, then the dosage is 30 g before meals for twenty days;
    4. A decoction of a series is the most famous folk method of treating allergies. The herb is brewed for twenty minutes. Drink instead of tea or coffee for a long time (not less than a year);
    5. Dandelion and burdock decoction. Dried burdock roots and dandelion are ground and mixed.

    In more complex cases, allergies should be treated by applying together the methods of classical medicine and folk recipes.

    How to cure allergies with folk remedies is up to you. Remember that traditional methods are effective in treating allergies, both at the first manifestation and when the problem worsens.