What a dream to paint the face?

How to determine the meaning of the dream in which I had to paint the face. In the dream the main character is a person or action painting? It is necessary to consider the interpretation of dreams about these images in turn to further define what to expect in the future.

What a dream to paint the face?

Most of the authors of dream books – in addition to well-known psychotherapist and sexologist Freud – believe in the dream with the image of a face people see your image, and this symbol, the expression on it, you can learn that prepares them for the future.

That is, a relaxed face and open look portend a quiet life in the near future, looks ill – health problems, live facial expressions – to the good news.

From Sigmund Freud's face – symbolizing the genital organs, and if it sees a man, this indicates his own narcissism and selfishness, a woman dreams about a sexual relationship.

Now it is necessary to understand if dream of painting that this action might mean? The authors of dream books believe that this action in the dream is an attempt to change the surrounding reality and suggest not to pay attention to what color, like the color, which is dyed.

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Dream Interpretation Caratula

If in a dream to see had the following stories, you need to prepare:

  • white – to economic problems;
  • black paint – to quarrel and discord with a close friend;
  • red – to buy Souvenirs, have friends in the near future the event will be invited to the celebration;
  • blue is for rapid success in any area of life.

Dream Interpretation Avdeevoj

What a dream to paint the face?

If in a dream in a thick layer of white paint had to paint over black, you need to keep in mind – business, in which he proposed a share, will be ruinous and deal with them only at a loss. Should be abandoned at the consultation stage, before the creation of the financial Fund.

Create funeral the interior and, accordingly, to repaint the faces of those around her – to the loss of a best friend. Let him go, not forever, but peace will not succeed.

Well, if the brush leaves a green color. Exciting journey is ahead, the prize – a solid change for the better.

All the furniture, the walls, the faces of the others repainted in red to better health.


Dream – colored face, no matter how pronounced the effect:

  • makeup is applied;
  • paint features wide brush strokes;
  • deal combat or ritual paint,
  • all this means a desire to escape from reality or inability to feel free, showing sincerity.
What a dream to paint the face?

Have to wonder if the people gathered around, with whom to communicate should not be? There in front of them unable to show himself for what really? The dream means – stop playing, it's time to become real.

If at the end of the dream there appeared a story in which the paint would get rid of the wash or just be with a clean face, means to establish themselves among the entourage in a new incarnation will be able in a short time.

Just do not rush to interfere with others, if the painting was carried out in front of the mirror.

You first need to wait for profit – sleep with the coloring before his own reflection favorable.

Cosmetic dream interpretation

Dreams visit us different ways, but a dream about the color of the woman's face is often interpreted as applying makeup. Therefore, you should consider a dream about the face paint from this angle.

Painting yourself – you need to be more cautious in relationships and deeds, to think first action, and then execute; it is especially important to consider the content of the dream, if you are a businessman that is a business lady.

What a dream to paint the face?

Paint the face of friends and friends. Be careful! Someone close to you is going to betray, but if no such opportunity presented itself, still it is necessary to calculate, or otherwise deceive or substitute when convenient.

Dreamt in a dream, wash off the paint. In real life you need to think is to manipulate managed for a long time, but now the action unfold – you should protect yourself.

You're in my dream a cosmetologist, it is specially come to apply makeup: the person who really like the feel nourishes and location will not respond.

A dream for designer cosmetics about the adverse work – need to wait for major losses. Makeup on the face in the dream above and beyond and managed to save a with it yourself, without a mirror.

You should not have to meet others "dress for success", they need to evaluate the internal content, and be interested in their feelings, based on desire. Life will become much easier.

Makeup to cope in a dream did not work – it's bad, "is not", disfigured features. In the future be able to avoid serious problems that could involve a close friend.

In the plot of the dream lipstick – a woman should wait for a romantic adventure, meeting a man, which is a nice surprise; the man to prepare for serious trouble.

Paint on the face of the eye – lashes:

What a dream to paint the face?
  • someone deceiving this man, will be able to improve their own material prosperity;
  • himself – soon going to make one after the other unforgivable mistakes, if the plot of the dream will not miss it and do not reconsider their behaviours.
  • someone paints eyelashes – you need to expect treachery.

The plot of a dream – cheeks painted with blush. Have very surprised.

Begin to paint own cheeks before the mirror, the palette of blush fell out, rolled off somewhere, and left with an unfinished makeup in real life have to get in a situation where you feel uncomfortable, you can say – stupid, and shame for what is happening will remain.

Thick black pencil surmise eyebrows – the fun, the joy, the event that will remember with pleasure:

What a dream to paint the face?
  • Shadow various colors you see in a dream, standing on the dressing table, long determined which of them apply to face, apply thoroughly and shade surrounds the deception;
  • living a lie;
  • favorite person suffers a last effort, they will soon give up;
  • bosses at work thinking about quitting, and keeps a"good face"to understand suddenly.

The shadows in your sleep, you need to prepare for trouble in the real world and try to prevent the development of events.

It is very difficult to live as someone else, this is deteriorating health – a shaken nervous system, cease to believe even loved ones.

If you have to dye in a dream, in the real world it is worth considering – and whether live?