What are aphrodisiacs and how they work?

Several centuries ago, the word "aphrodisiac" meant a substance of natural origin, which returned virility and increased the sensuality of women.

Currently, aphrodisiacs assigned a more modest role. It is believed that they only increase sex drive, stimulate arousal.

Do not deny their importance in creating beautiful surroundings during a romantic rendezvous, but as a medicine, they do not use.

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the influence of the aphrodisiac

Arousal is a physiological process.

During it in the body occur some changes:

What are aphrodisiacs and how they work?
  • Muscle tension increases;
  • The heart begins to beat faster;
  • Pupils dilate;
  • Salivation increases.

If at this point to measure the pressure, it is possible to fix it a significant leap.

Similarly working medications that are stimulants: they increase the pressure and accelerate the heart rhythm, resulting in a person feels excitement. In contrast, natural aphrodisiacs only increases the excitement that already exists. Sexual activity, much to the regret of many, they increase not.

list of products-aphrodisiacs

There are products-aphrodisiacs.

These include:

  • strawberries;
  • olive oil;
  • almonds;
  • garlic;
  • seafood;
  • eggs of quail;
  • artichokes;
  • dill;
  • mushrooms;
  • asparagus;
  • seaweed and almost all the spices – cinnamon, cumin, celery, Basil, cardamom.

And the effect of these products on sensuality can be explained from a medical point of view.

In strawberries lot of zinc, this trace mineral boosts the testosterone level.

In olive oil and almonds high content of vitamin E that stimulates the pituitary gland, which is fully responsible for the functionality of sex organs.

Avocado has earned its place among aphrodisiacs due to the content of phytosterols, substances with a stimulating effect.

Encourage General excitement and spicy spicy taste of spices, makes "Wake up" the body garlic – it contains allicin, which increases the tone.

One of the strongest aphrodisiacs is the ginger. It has a special effect. The combination of essential oils, vitamin C and lysine not only improves libido, but works on intimate muscles, improving their tone.

And it is worth remembering another famous product, which is traditionally considered an aphrodisiac, although it is not natural. It is bitter dark chocolate. By consuming the hormone of joy – serotonin. This hormone is responsible for good mood, and as a result you can feel euphoric.

A piece of dark chocolate will make the date fabulous.


The fact that the sense of smell and sexual arousal are linked, scientifically proven. Animals find their mate by smell. People are often attracted by a beautiful body, meet and then diverge, not realizing that they are divorced. And they just don't like the smell of a partner. No wonder they say that favorite not to inhale.

It is not surprising that there are scents that increase sexual arousal.

Oil-aphrodisiacs have been known before our era, in countries where love was worshipped in ancient India and Greece.

A drop of essential oil of rosewood valued at its weight in gold. Women believed that should cause a drop of it between your Breasts, and you immediately become desirable for the elect.

Currently essential oil, creating a romantic atmosphere and increase sexual desire, used for massage, oil burner, add them to baths.

Oil, which have properties of aphrodisiacs, relax, relieve fatigue, adjust the nervous system after stress, increase sexual desire, tone.

When using essential oils for different purposes should adhere to certain dosage:

  • The bath used no more than 7-10 drops, and diluted the oil in the emulsifier – cream or honey;
  • In the basic massage cream 15 mg drip can only 3-7 drops;
  • Aroma lamp oil is added based on a 10 m3 only 1 drop.
What are aphrodisiacs and how they work?

With aphrodisiac oils at home should be very careful. Overdose leads to unexpected consequences.

If too relax during a visit to sleep. Or Vice versa – so excited that instead of enjoying with your partner will have to inject intravenous injection, lowering blood pressure.

The most well-known essential oil that is used during the love games:

  • Sandalwood – increases sexual desire;
  • Cypress – designed for men, it is able to enhance sensuality;
  • Ginger – stimulates erogenous zones;
  • Rosemary is able to prolong sexual arousal;
  • With the embarrassment will help to fight patchouli oil;
  • Clove oil will make orgasm more vivid;
  • With bergamot oil need to be willing to experiment, it stimulates the imagination;
  • Jasmine oil will help to loosen up.

But lavender and vanilla essential oil to use is not necessary. They are considered to be aphrodisiacs, but sometimes their ability to relax prevents to enjoy each other.

The nuances of the use of aphrodisiacs

It is believed that some aphrodisiacs are suitable only for men or for women.

In ancient times aphrodisiacs were divided depending on their similarity to sexual organs. For example, parsley root resembles the male organ, hence, stimulating the product is designed for men. And open shell mussels, evoke certain associations, is more suitable for women.

Modern sexology distributes aphrodisiacs on gender differences, depending on the content of nutrients.

Seafood, parsley, honey, nuts – all these foods increase the production of testosterone. So they needed more men. And for the women are sweet products that help to relieve stress, to relax. These include chocolate and strawberry.

Also women are more susceptible to aromas. Therefore, very often fashion designers are known for cosmetic companies add fragrances that enhance sexual arousal, in spirits.

it is not necessary to use

Sometimes as aphrodisiacs serves alcoholic beverages or even drugs. Yes, these products enhance arousal, liberate, under their influence it is possible to commit sexual exploits, but...

The constant use of substances of this type leads to impotence. They are dangerous to health, under their influence, lost self-control. Aphrodisiacs such products are not.

What are aphrodisiacs and how they work?

There is another means to increase potency, which was popular in IV-VII centuries is the Spanish fly, Lytta vesicatoria. If it is planted in the genitals then after a bite she injects into the blood cantharidin, a substance that is able for a time to cause a rush of blood to the affected area.

After exposure, there is sexual arousal. This remedy can cause side effects: priapism – uncontrolled prolonged painful erection in men and swelling of the intimate area of women.

If you want to have a romantic date, you should not experiment with aphrodisiacs.

Ljubileu enough to give the spirits with well-known aphrodisiac action, put on the table products that stimulate sexual arousal, to fill aromalampu essential oil – and a romantic evening full of sensual sex, you provided! Just make sure in advance you want to know what flavor and what taste prefers partner.

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