What can tell a mole on the neck

Some people sincerely believe that moles on the body of the individual – a kind of "marks" that can tell a lot about a person's character, his habits and interests. Of course, it is not necessary to believe that moles can predict the future, this does not happen, but try to know the characteristics of a person.

So today let's try to understand the hidden meaning of moles on the neck, and learn why there are hanging nevi on the body.

On the hanging mole


Regular flat moles on your neck or any other part of the body practically do not cause discomfort and problems of the individual. But hanging nevi need special attention, as often a nuisance to their owners.

Hanging nevus is considered a benign tumor that looks like a small outgrowth, which towers over the skin. Such a mole on the neck has a rough surface with tubercles.

Since the neck is very open and unprotected area of the body, moles on her prone to injury. In addition, the nevi in this location affects the environment, for example, direct sunlight, which is also unsafe.

So people who are hanging "markings" on the neck, special care needs to follow them and in any case of injury to consult a dermatologist or even an oncologist. In cases when such nevi are very disturbing to the individual, doctors recommend the removal of "marks".

If you accidentally hooked a benign tumor on his neck, it is mandatory treat it: pour hydrogen peroxide. Stop the bleeding, if it exists, and protect the damaged area of the body with a sterile bandage. After all these activities, don't forget to seek professional assistance from a doctor.

But why do I get hanging moles on neck? That, in addition to exposure to sunlight, can lead to the occurrence of these formations?

Experts name the following reasons:

  • the presence in the body be difficult to pronounce infections, such as HPV;
  • the degeneration of skin cells, and malignant;
  • chronic diseases of internal organs, which provoke the appearance of hanging elements;
  • hormonal disorders that may be caused by puberty, pregnancy, etc.

Here are the causes hanging moles on the neck. Some people confuse hanging nevi moles on leg, in fact it is a completely different education and appear due to various reasons. Hanging "markings" are placed on the skin and does not have a long process.

What does the mole on my neck?


It is believed that "mark" on this part of the body can tell a lot about the material side of life of the individual. On the other hand, moles on the neck can be a special label that says that the owner has a changeable character, slightly unstable and unsure of himself.

In women, the naevus on the neck speaks of impermanence and amorousness of the person. Such a record representative of the stronger sex will tell about his rich inner world, intellectual fullness.

If you want to explain the meaning of the tag more precisely, we will see where it is located:

  • Small mark on the neck with the right hand, suggests that its owner is being realistic, not prone to fantasy and the world of dreams. Due to its persistence and fortitude of this man achieves much in life, easily coping with difficulties;
  • A mole on the back – not a positive sign. A man with such a mark of rare good fortune, all the more he has to deal with the adversities and sorrows. Such people need to learn frugality;
  • A born romantics, it is possible to find the nevus on the left side;
  • Label that is securely hidden from prying with your hair, suggests that its owner is secretive and shy. Such individuals are difficult to find a common language with others, they are often alone;
  • The selfish people you can see the mole on the neck in the middle or the front. Along with the selfishness of these individuals are very charismatic and lucky in business.

It just so happened that the value of such natural marks and varies more depending on gender. The ladies nevus is a sign of a certain sexual power and inclination for adventure. If the birthmark occurs in the cervix in married ladies, it is a sign that she will always be faithful to his wife.

For men, this "mark" – a symbol of the capricious and weak-willed character. These young people can achieve some success, but they should fascinate is a strong and powerful lady who will help them.

That's all. Today you learned about the meaning of moles on the neck, and believe it or not these interpretations – it's yours. Good luck!

What Moles On a Women's Body Say About Their Personality