What causes sores on labia?

Ulcers on the external genital organs in women may be a symptom of many diseases. They are painful and accompanied by itching or does not cause discomfort. Often as they provoke painful urination, pain during sexual intercourse.

One of the reasons why the labia there are ulcers, are diseases, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

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Possible causes of ulcers on labia: STD

What causes sores on labia?
  1. Soft chancroid (chancre, a venereal ulcer) is a rare phenomenon, arising from the invasion of bacteria. Occurs after 2-3 weeks after infection. The disease manifests itself in the form of small red spots, which later increased;
  2. Venereal granuloma (inguinal, donovans) – malacanthidae destructive bacterial infection of a chronic type;
  3. Molluscum contagiosum is a skin disease. Accompanied by the appearance of nodules on the genitalia, in the groin, which can spread to the abdomen, buttocks, inner thighs. Nodules hemispherical, color skin, or more pinkish. Can affect mucous membranes. The disease manifests itself painless pimples papules, up to 1 cm Treatment mainly is not required, the disease resolves on its own after six months;
  4. Syphilis is a systemic disease of a chronic nature. In the long course and lack of treatment affects the mucous membranes, bones, skin, nervous system, internal organs;
  5. Genital warts – grow flesh-colored, small size. Appear around the anus, genitals, and mouth. Soft to the touch, have a thin foot, do not cause pain.

Ulcers of the labia and vaginal discharge

One of the most common causes is the herpes virus. In this case we are talking about the genital form of the disease. In the first place after infection on the skin there are small bubbles filled with clear liquid. They are localized in the inner thighs, around the anus, perineum, labia, vagina, cervix and even in the urethra.

But before there is itching and redness. About a week later the bubbles burst, the formation of ulcers and erosions of the labia, which gradually dry up, and after 1-2 weeks disappear entirely.

With the defeat of the vagina appear to be a unusual selection. The disease is accompanied by itching, burning and pain in the area of the rash. Urination can also be painful. Also increasing the inguinal lymph nodes. With regard to General health, the temperature rises, there is muscle pain and General malaise.

Why still having sores on labia?

What causes sores on labia?

To trigger eruptions can not only STDs but other pathology. For example, a dangerous condition is precancerous changes of the vulva, or dysplasia.

In this case, appear white, red or brown sores on labia that may itch. It can also be a symptom of skin cancer – melanoma, squamous or basal cell cancer.

The causes can hide in atopic dermatitis – a chronic inflammatory disease caused by genetic predisposition. Mostly the disease is acute in the cold season, and warm – almost completely disappears. The main symptom is severe itching. It should be noted that atopic dermatitis rarely occurs in adults, it basically makes itself felt even in childhood. This form of dermatitis can be caused by food, contact and respiratory allergens.

Contact dermatitis is another cause of the rash is an acute inflammatory skin disease which occurs as a result of exposure to allergens and irritants. Regular contact dermatitis occurs due to irritants, and allergic contact is an allergic reaction waiting to happen. The rash can be white, red, papular, scaly, etc.

Nonspecific vulvovaginitis is an inflammation of the vulva and vagina at the same time. First, there is a loss of external genitalia, organos gentle epidermis, and then inner mucosa. Could also be vaginitis – inflammation of the vagina without damaging the external organs. Provoke his helminthiasis, pyogenic and intestinal flora.

By precipitating factors include chronic tonzillogennaya intoxication, poor intimate hygiene, exudative diathesis, the introduction of foreign bodies into the vagina. Arise hoevenii vaginal discharge and itching. Vulva becomes red and edematous, and the mucosa appear petechial hemorrhages.

Why ulcers on the external genital organs: less common causes

Rashes can occur as a result of such chronic diseases as lichen planus. The disease affects the skin, mucous membranes, joints of ankle and wrist, inner surface of the forearm, rarely the fingernails. To provoke his development of allergies, dysfunction of the nervous system, decrease in immunity, chronic foci of infection (dental caries, sinusitis, tonsillitis, etc.). This disease is not contagious and is usually associated with a genetic predisposition.

The reason may be hiding in this skin diseases like seborrheic dermatitis and vitiligo.

What causes sores on labia?
  1. Benign cysts are growths that can occur in healthy women and disappear after a few menstrual cycles. Pathological cysts require removal by surgery, as can degenerate into malignant. There are several types of benign tumors. They cannot be called tumors;
  2. Cyst of Bartholin's gland – formation of round or oval shape, elastic to the touch, is localized in the lower third of labia. Those arise due to a blockage of the ductless glands. May be accompanied by suppuration, accordingly, deterioration of health, fever, pain, redness. Treatment only operative;
  3. Cyst of the vagina – fugolastic education, round or oval, localized superficial. The treatment is also surgical;
  4. Fibroids, fibroma, myoma, lipoma – all benign tumors localized in the vagina. Differ that develop without symptoms. When the cyst reaches a significant size, there will be a foreign body. In the presence of the cyst can occur suppuration, necrosis.

What you need to treat ulcers on labia

As you can see, the reasons for their appearance a lot of treatment in each case may differ significantly. To relieve the itching and soreness, you can use sitz baths with decoctions and infusions of medicinal plants and pharmaceutical drugs.

In the presence of an STD you need to inform the person with whom you had contact, as the treatment in this situation requires both partners. You also can not have intercourse until the doctor gives permission, otherwise ulcers can spread to other parts of the body.

To the doctor you need to contact if: you see any unexplained rash; changes on those; constant itching; transmission of infection to sexual partner; pain in the pelvic area, high temperature and vaginal bleeding.

What causes sores on labia?

The doctor will conduct a physical diagnostic examination, including gynecological, ask questions, study history. Can be assigned to the General and biochemical blood analysis, biopsy of the mucosa or skin.

To treat the disease is detected may drugs local and systemic action, in the form of tablets, ointments and injections. First you need to find out the cause of ulcers, as it is itself dependent on the treatment option. As for medications, may be prescribed corticosteroids, antibiotics drugs, antiviral.

Take care of your health and do not self-medicate!