What feature of the wedding in a marine style?

Wedding ceremony on the Sunny sea coast – what could be better? Romance surrounds everywhere: tropical, exotic cuisine, colorful flowers, soft sound of the waves, the white sand of the beach, rhythmic, enchanting music. However, not all brides are able to translate dreams into reality. What to do if you can not go to South land? You can transfer the atmosphere of the southern coast even in a snowy Moscow, if you arrange a wedding in a marine style.

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a room for a Wedding in a marine style

What feature of the wedding in a marine style?

First of all, you should prepare the wedding in a marine style in accordance with it to make room.

For this you need to decide on your preferences:

  • If the "marine style" implies adventure with the indispensable assistance of pirates, you should have all the necessary attributes: the wheel, the layout of the ship, chests, stylized under the storage treasures, anchors;
  • If the girl childhood imagine themselves as mermaids, matching accessories will be scattered on the tables of beads, shells, pebbles, an artificial sprocket;
  • Party on the beach can also be well represented at the Banquet hall, if you find exotic fans, Tom-Toms, place the pots with palm trees and prepare for each member of the hall of the guest a necklace made of flowers.

Will add to the atmosphere of the festive evening aquariums, as well as the abundance of fabrics in white and blue hue.

If the couple does live on the coast, it is possible to realize the dream of almost all girls – to arrange an incredibly romantic view, in which gray will meet with Assalu aboard a rented snow-white yacht, of course, exclusively with red sails.

More interesting are the dangerous adventures? It is possible to equip the venue of the "hidden room" where the pirates hide beautiful hostage. Let the captain-the groom first prove themselves worthy of such a bride by completing a series of tests and paying a "sea wolves" a decent ransom.

Great if among the friends of the newlyweds got guys able to organize a party with interesting and fun scenario. If the imagination is not the best quality friends and acquaintances, it's easier to order a script from professional animators. In this case, even in snowy Siberia to be fully to take in the sights of the southern coast.

Invitation to a wedding in a marine style also need to withstand in the overall design. Pirate party can collect guests by sending out black markers, and the Kingdom of the little mermaid to call, sending out postcards in the form of the mussel. The invitation should show what kind of style chosen for the occasion. Perhaps the guest decides to show up in a themed costume?

Table decorations at the Wedding in a marine style

Is dominated by the primary colors marine style – blue and white.

Dazzling white tablecloths perfectly in tune with napkins turquoise:

What feature of the wedding in a marine style?
  • I want to arrange tables in the style of journey on a pirate ship? Original decision will be used as tablecloths, striped fabric, the color of the vest. In this case it is better to take towels white or sand color. By the way, will especially emphasize the theme of the event is the art of folding napkins in the form of "boat";
  • Interesting and challenging idea to execute the decor for the newlyweds in the form of cutting with the wheel, and down the hall to hang the sails and ropes, life rings;
  • It is possible to arrange the tables glasses with candles, filled with Golden sand, river pebbles and beads. In the light of the living flame transfusion of sand and crystals will give a really magical mood is comparable with the atmosphere of exciting adventures.

At the same time do not overdo it with attributes, filling them all the free space. It is enough to select in a special way, wine bottles or glasses, decorate them with stripes of blue and white colors. The guests should be enough place to enjoy a holiday.

Usually in such events is dominated by Mediterranean cuisine. However, it should be borne in mind that not all invited I love mussels, sea urchins, oysters. So care about alternative menu that does not allow the guest leave the table hungry. A host of traditional dishes better dishes in the shape of a shell.

Special attention should be given to the main dish – a cake. Professional cooks are able to work miracles and complete the order in full accordance with the wishes of the client, even in the form of the head of Jack Sparrow.

outfits for a Wedding in a marine style

Of course, the appearance in the Banquet hall in the suit of marine vagrants will surely make a splash.

More often, however, the young couple chooses outfits light blue shades, the theme of which emphasize accessories:

  • For the bride relaxed you can pick up dress color "sea wave" or mini sailor stripes. Complement the outfit charming bouquet in blue and white with small shells and pearls;
  • Even the classic white dress can make a "marine"by ruffle and belt of blue fabric, adding a blue ribbon in her hair;
  • The groom can stand out in a white suit captain or a classic suit with a little jewelry in the form of an anchor or emblem of the ship. An excellent addition to the way will become a real captain's hat;
  • Guests are usually asked to dress accordingly to the theme, adhering to a common color palette. If the script of the evening involves raising the action, the costumes of the main cast, care should be taken in advance and not make the guest aware of his fate in the show at the last moment.

Not less important is to choose the right accessories in a marine style for the wedding procession:

What feature of the wedding in a marine style?
  • Decorate the car with balloons, flowers and ribbons, decorated in a total white-blue color;
  • The car, designed for couples, sometimes tight fishing net, in which the "stuck" shells, starfish, pebbles;
  • On the hood of the car you can place a helm or anchor and the driver to dress up in a vest.

Wedding in a marine style should leave memories for a lifetime. Most importantly, to everyday life of the family was reminiscent of the gentle warm waves, not the sea during a storm.