What is good for the skin face algae mask, and how it can be done by yourself?

Every woman at any age wants to stay young and attractive. To maintain a healthy and beautiful skin, you need to devote a lot of time and money. This is especially true of elderly women that facial care becomes a priority.

In recent years, the market of cosmetic products appeared quite effective and inexpensive tool that helps the fair sex to maintain your skin in perfect condition, is alginate mask. That it represents, and how it can be done independently, we will tell you in this article.

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What is alginate mask?

What is good for the skin face algae mask, and how it can be done by yourself?

English biochemist Stanford Moore in 1981 during extraction of iodine from marine algae suddenly received an unusual by – product- sodium alginate.

Further clinical studies showed that this substance in combination with an ordinary water forms a gel that is incredibly rich in various vitamins and minerals.

Due to the huge number of useful properties of sodium alginate, or alginic acid, have found wide application in modern cosmetology.

Today it is specially extracted from brown and red marine algae industrially, and then on its basis produce different masochki for a skin care face. Until recently, such a procedure can only be done at a good beauty salon, but now a gel or powder for the preparation of this tool can be purchased at most stores.

The useful properties of the mask alginic acid

Alginate face masks have the following useful properties:

What is good for the skin face algae mask, and how it can be done by yourself?
  • reduce inflammation;
  • deeply nourish the skin and restore its protective function;
  • narrow vessels, resulting in a small fade redness and irritation;
  • remove toxins;
  • dissolve excess oil, normalize the amount of adipose tissue, which is very effectively helps to get rid of double chin and similar problems;
  • normalize the balance of minerals at the cellular level;
  • improve the complexion and help to eliminate age spots;
  • eliminate swelling;
  • narrow pores;
  • make the skin more elastic and eliminate wrinkles.

Varieties of alginate masks

On the basis of sodium alginate produced a huge variety of cosmetics. Except alginic acid, its composition almost always includes diatomaceous earth, or diatomite – layers of rocks that contain the remains of simple crustacean of the family of algae. For obtaining cosmetic products with a different mechanism of action manufacturers add other ingredients that give it a particular effect.

Depending on the composition of the market today you can find such alginate masochki as:

What is good for the skin face algae mask, and how it can be done by yourself?
  • The classic, which contains only basic components. For drawing on her face mixed with mineral water or a special hypoallergenic serum. This tool has a moisturizing and lifting effect;
  • Anti-aging is composed of collagen that gives the skin an incredible elasticity and firmness;
  • Moisturizing additionally contains chitosan is an amino sugar which is extracted from crustacean shells. This option is great for those with dry skin, prone to flaking;
  • Cleansing and brightening effectively eliminates age spots due to the content of ascorbic acid;
  • In addition, to obtain various effects in the composition of these cosmetic products often add botanicals such as ginger, green tea, chamomile, aloe and others. For example, algae mask with the addition of papaya is purifying, renewing, toning and exfoliating.

How to plant and applied algae mask at home?

Before applying the algae mask at home, you should learn it properly to dissolve. For the preparation of classic products for the face must be mixed in equal proportions of sodium alginate and mineral water.

Then you need to perform a sequence of actions:

What is good for the skin face algae mask, and how it can be done by yourself?
  1. Thoroughly clean the skin with special milk or lotion. You can also use a tool to remove makeup. Eyelashes and eyebrows apply a liberal amount of fatty cream. Apply the serum or the emulsion, the active substance of which penetration deep into the skin will promote alginic acid;
  2. Next, you must leave the active ingredient on the face for a while to give it is fully absorbed. After that you should lie on a flat surface and relax as much as possible. Apply the prepared paste on the face need special spatula along the massage lines;
  3. Within 4-7 minutes the mixture will thicken and eventually acquires the consistency like rubber. In this state it should remain for half an hour. After that the mask must be removed, taking his fingers over the edges of the chin and sharply pulling up.
  4. Then the face should be cleaned with a tonic, soothing skin and use the cream that you usually use.

Many girls are interested in how often you can do at home various algae mask. Standard application circuit of the course of such cosmetics to rejuvenate two times a week for 2-3 months. Depending on skin type and the type of use of product frequency of use may vary from one to three times a week and the course duration is from 8 to 15 procedures.

Recipe modelling mask for face at home

For making basic cosmetics in advance to warm 25 ml of mineral water and pour it over 2 grams of sodium alginate. Leave it for 5-6 hours. This mixture is used as the basis for any algae mask.

Any recipe below will allow you to prepare remedy has different effects, right at home:

What is good for the skin face algae mask, and how it can be done by yourself?
  • In a separate bowl, dissolve the same quantity of liquid 10 grams of diatomite. Mix two of the resulting solution and add to 1 amp of calcium chloride, then immediately apply on face. Because diatomite, in contrast to the alginic acid, is quite difficult to acquire, it can be replaced by blue clay, which you can buy at most pharmacies or stores cosmetic products. This tool is more suitable for Mature women as it rejuvenates and tightens flabby facial skin;
  • If to the basic mixture, add 2 grams of powder of shiitake mushrooms and 5 grams of kaolin, diluted in 25 ml of mineral water, and pour one vial of calcium chloride, you will receive a unique wrinkle;
  • For making a firming mask for the face, mix in a separate container 1 teaspoon kelp powder and 5 grams cosmetic clay. Pour this mixture 25 ml of mineral water, connect with a pre-prepared basic Foundation and add 1 vial of calcium chloride.

In addition, each of the additional ingredients incorporated into the alginate facial masks, cooked at home will have a certain effect, for example:

What is good for the skin face algae mask, and how it can be done by yourself?
  • chamomile – will soothe the skin, relieve inflammation, get rid of pimples and blackheads;
  • chocolate – will improve the complexion and refresh the skin;
  • Shilajit – eliminate scars and stretch marks;
  • blueberries – get rid of age spots;
  • nutmeg – effectively and deeply cleanses the pores;
  • Rosa eliminates the fat Shine.

There are many different alginate masks, each of which has a truly miraculous effect.

Regular use of this cosmetic product allows us to achieve truly incredible results, sometimes allowing others to think that the fairer sex have used the services of plastic surgery. Meanwhile, a purifying algae mask is absolutely safe, non-addictive and no side effects.

Finally, its low cost and the possibility of cooking at home are also significant advantages in comparison with similar products.