What is mineral makeup

In the modern world, when the state of the environment is poor, the quality of the makeup plays a very important role. And lately, especially popular is mineral makeup. What is the product of modern cosmetology?


Mineral makeup is exactly what will help any girl to preserve youth and beauty for a long time. And mind you, completely without the use of chemicals. Moreover, this miracle-cosmetics – a great helper in a variety of irritations and diseases.

You never apply the powder to the irritated skin? But the powder based on minerals, not only will not cause additional harm, but will also provide a terrific therapeutic effect.

Obvious advantages of such tools can be considered that it does not hinder the skin to breathe. First, applied a thin layer means perfectly hides all the imperfections. And secondly, the pores are not completely clogged and, hence, the skin breathes. As a result, after using cosmetics such you will never have irritation.

One should not confuse the means with the minerals and mineral makeup. The first time, when the popularity of mineral cosmetics has grown by leaps and bounds, many cosmetic companies started to produce special lines on the basis of mineral substances.

This makeup is definitely more useful than usual, but at the same time contains a large number of chemical compounds. So what about its usefulness for your face is debatable.

The content of the article

Mineral makeup

What is so good about these cosmetic products? For example, the fact that they are suitable for any skin type. Now you don't need to read, which tools are ideally suited for your skin type, and what – not.

If you have decided to opt for the mineral makeup, you'll like any tool of this line. Most importantly, you need to clearly know what result you want to get in the end.

Also, such tools are perfectly evens the complexion. And the systematic application return beautiful view of your skin.

Do not forget about its medical properties. Such funds are used for the treatment even after plastic surgery or after peeling. Due to natural active ingredients, the skin heals faster even after the most severe damage.

But that doesn't mean that mineral makeup is a panacea for any problem. This remedy, applied directly on an open wound still not worth it!

Essential like cosmetics and in the summer. Given the fact that the almost all funds on the basis of minerals includes zinc oxide, the protection from the harmful effects of sunlight provided to you.

Do not forget about mineral oil in cosmetics. Due to its content, the skin becomes smooth, soft and silky. And after a long period of utilization of the funds, you can even get rid of minor wrinkles.

Brush for mineral makeup


Generally speaking, the brushes for this type of cosmetics is no different. But if you will be buying expensive cosmetics, but to save on brushes, good makeup you will not succeed.

Be sure to pay attention to whose hair based brushes. And if it starts shedding in the store to buy it is not worth it. Be careful, do not skimp on yourself beloved, and buy a quality product!

How to apply mineral makeup

In order to create a stunning image it is necessary not only to buy in store quality tools, but to be able to use them properly. How you will look, if the best blush is too much? Funny!

So in order to look always at 100%, you should definitely view a few videos on the Internet. So you will be able to understand what sequence you need to apply certain cosmetic products.

As for the features of application that is mineral makeup, you should pay special attention to shadows and blush. If you decide to buy mineral powder and blush and eyeshadow to leave the old, then consider that the cream you will not do.

Cream blush will melt on a mineral basis and anything beautiful you will not succeed. Keep this in mind next time you go shopping for cosmetics.

It is also worth noting that the consistency of any mineral substances more dense than conventional chemical. Therefore, the brush should be taken in two times less powder, if you do not want your face was like a mask.

We understood how to correctly apply mineral makeup to get perfect makeup now let's see whether this type of cosmetic products for dry skin.

Mineral makeup for dry skin type

Why we decided to discuss the compatibility of such tools and dry skin. Yes though, because the minerals absorb a variety of organic oils, and that so little in the dry skin type. But whether to give up quality, if your skin type is a little not such as we would like.

To solve this problem you can:

  • To use a moisturizer after I removed my make-up;
  • Just lubricate the skin with a small amount of olive oil that will have a wonderful refreshing effect;
  • To buy mineral-based cosmetics silk. It is, of course, more expensive, but the skin is not too dry;
  • Apply makeup lightly, and not to drive the powder into the pores.

In General, if you follow our recommendation, then no harm such means your skin will bring.

Mineral cosmetics: recipes


Like any tool, mineral makeup can be done by hand. But, believe me, all the recipes are so complex that it is better to spend money in the store. For example, where you take in the city mountain mica. And grind it to a state of powder will not be easy.

Zinc oxide also to get not very easy. To do without this is impossible: since this ingredient protects our skin from negative influence of sun rays. Another difficulty is the fabrication of components from silk cocoons. First, they are too hard to get, and secondly, you still have to spend money on equipment for mixing tools.

So better don't experiment with unknown ingredients, and buy normal cosmetics in the store. Of course, is to carefully read all that is stated on the label. Pay special attention to the composition.

Cosmetic products based on minerals are good for our skin. With their help, you will not only get rid of unnecessary irritation, but will also create a new, absolutely stunning image! Good luck!