What is molokochay, how to use?

Currently about a tool for weight loss as molokochay everyone knows, but not all of us fully understand, the mystery lies its amazing properties. This drink gained popularity among the huge number of people due to its availability and good results which it gives regular and correct use. According to some one on the fasting day molokochae you can lose up to three pounds of weight.


However, you need to know and understand that the pace of "go" can only be liquid but not excess body fat.

The thing is that this drink is a strong diuretic, and weight loss occurs solely due to the release of the body's tissues of accumulated fluid, but not due to the fact that molokochay any magical influence on excess fat.

In order to "real" weight loss, you need to add to regular tea consumption physical activity and proper nutrition.

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The benefits and harms

What is so good molokochay for weight loss and is it safe it use? The positive effects of this beverage on the body due to the fact that milk neutralizes the effect of caffeine, which tea contains is not so little. In addition, this dairy product makes molokochay more nutritious, that allows in a sense to saturate the body and reduce the feeling of hunger.

At the same time tannin, contained in tea, significantly simplifies the assimilation by our body milk fats and protects the lining of the stomach and intestines from the products of fermentation of the milk drink, so its use becomes possible even for people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

In some cases molokochay in strictly limited quantities assigned as an aid if you have problems with the kidneys and cardiovascular system.

In addition, molokochay can "boast" and other useful properties, its use has the following effect:

  • Helps the body in dealing with stress;
  • Stimulates the flow of bile;
  • "Combination" with black tea invigorates with the green – soothing.

Morococha at the use in reasonable quantities any side effects were recorded. But the abuse of this drink can lead to the formation of kidney stones, development of disorders in the gastrointestinal tract and severe dehydration, which will lead to headaches, weakness and problems with the heart and blood vessels.

Naturally molokochay contraindicated for people with a dairy Allergy or individual intolerance of this product.

Recipes Morococha there are many and any special recommendations for its use exists. Not worth it with fanatical tenacity to drink this drink liters and seven days a week, enough to do one fasting day a week or daily drink to replace your dinner.

How to cook molokochay?


Every person who has decided to try this drink care is a legitimate question – "how to cook molokochay"? Actually there is nothing complicated, and the most important requirements is the freshness and naturalness of the ingredients used.

For the preparation of this drink is well suited both black and green tea, all will depend on exactly how these kinds of teas act on your body. Of course it is best to use the leaf, not tea bags. As for milk, here is the most appropriate low fat, and low fat milk (1,5-2,0%).

Recipe for diet Morococha as follows: the milk in the amount of one liter is placed in a saucepan and bring to a boil, then adds 3 tablespoons of tea infuser. Drink should infuse for 25-30 minutes with the lid closed, then it should drain.

To improve the taste, you can add a little honey or sugar. Drinking this tea can be both cold and warm, all depends on personal taste preferences, but it must be stored in the refrigerator.

To use the entire volume of the drink is required within 2 days (maximum), however, since the average discharge time of 1.0-1.5 liter of tea, store is likely to be nothing.

If this method is too complex and troublesome, you can use a simplified recipe Morococha: in a mug with warm milk you need to pour fresh finished welding in the ratio of 1:2, add a spoonful of honey.

How to use?

Whichever recipe Morococha for weight loss you choose to consume this drink as the main product of the fasting day can be no more than once a week. Molokochay need to drink a Cup (150-200 ml) every 2-3 hours. This drink will help to dull the feeling of hunger and efficiently to unload the body.

If you drink this tea with milk instead of dinner, the duration of reception is not limited. For those people, which the tea acts as a bracing means, on the last evening reception of the beverage to be prepared molokochay on the basis of soothing herbal.

In addition Morococha in the fasting days are allowed to drink water, carbonated or purified, if necessary, it is allowed to slightly acidify with lemon juice.


The volume of fluid in addition to Morococha must be at least 2 liters. When you observe the correct drinking regime weight loss for fasting day may be 2 pounds.

Diet for weight loss "Molokochay" enjoys great popularity due to the clarity of the results that directly inspire the same "feats". However, we must always remember that the drink helps to remove puffiness and excess fluid.

If the main purpose of taking this diuretic drink is weight loss, in addition to Morococha you need to enter in your menu diet products and day to find a place to exercise.