What is so special about shepherd's purse for health?

Among the medicinal herbs of the temperate climatic zone, a representative of the cruciferous family, the shepherd's purse, occupies a special place. There are many popular names for this plant: handbag, spoons, field buckwheat, grits, grandma, core. In some regions of Russia and Ukraine, it is also known as girchak, miller, sparrow's eye.

This field weed is often found in traditional and scientific medicine recipes under the name Bursae pastoris or shepherd's purse.

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What a shepherd's purse looks like

What is so special about shepherd's purse for health?

It is very easy to recognize this annual herb with straight and branched stems.

It has long dark green leaves, feathery with teeth, collected in a rosette, pale green stems with small white and yellowish buds at the ends. The shepherd's purse blooms with small flowers in the form of balls, collected in umbrellas.

The fruits of the griffins resemble small hearts in shape: triangular with a notch at the base, flat. That is why this herb is popularly called heart herb. The seeds are small, oval.

Among gardeners and gardeners, gritziks are considered a weed, since they grow on absolutely any soil. The medicinal plant is so unpretentious that it even settles on the roofs of houses and in the cracks of the asphalt. It can also be seen in the field, roadside wastelands and almost everywhere where there is soil.

Shepherd's purse is widely known in tropical and temperate latitudes throughout the Eastern Hemisphere. In some countries, such as China, grandma is grown as a crop for low-yield soils. The entire aboveground part is used for medical purposes.

We collect the girchak while it is still in bloom. Flowering peaks in the first months of summer. We use almost the entire upper part of the grass, do not cut off only the rhizome.

What is so special about shepherd's purse for health?

It is advisable to dry the stems in a warm, dry, dark place with good ventilation (in the attic or loggia ), you can also use an electric dryer without exceeding the temperature of 40 degrees. We store dry raw materials in fabric bags or wooden boxes for up to three years.

Among the nutrients contained in the plant, there are: essential oils, antimycoids, amino acids, acetylcholine and burkislot.

Shepherd's purse herb treatment

Healers in ancient Greece, Rome and medieval Europe wrote about the use of shepherd's purse herb. It was used to stop bleeding, especially uterine bleeding in women.

Today, shepherd's purse is used as alAn alternative hemostatic agent for atony, ulcers, gastritis, uterine, intestinal, pulmonary and ureteral hemorrhages. A mixture of grandma with field horsetail helps with liver and kidney diseases.

The use of field buckwheat is carried out in the form of a decoction according to this recipe:

  • 4 table raw materials pour 1 glass of boiling water;
  • cover with a lid and leave for half an hour;
  • filter through a well-aimed strainer or a double layer of gauze;
  • drink one by one tablespoon 3 times a day half an hour before meals;
  • use of the medicine should be continued for up to 3 weeks.
What is so special about shepherd's purse for health?

This recipe will be useful especially for people suffering from uterine, kidney, stomach and pulmonary bleeding. Shepherd's purse also effectively helps as an astringent in gastritis and other inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

The anti-inflammatory and hemostatic properties of the plant are used to normalize bile levels, as well as in the prevention of kidney and ureter stones, as an aid in treatment of pyelonephritis.

New scientific studies have proven that girchak has a calming effect on the cardiovascular system. The collection of the plant is especially useful for the elderly with problems of hypertension and hypotension, since the shepherd's purse evens out the pressure level to the optimal level.

Traditional medicine recommends in this case the use of a medicine in the form tea:

  • 3 grams of raw material, pour a quarter liter of boiling water;
  • insist 12 minutes;
  • filter if desired;
  • we drink two cups every day;
  • we use bottled or ionized water for brewing.
What is so special about shepherd's purse for health?

Useful the properties of field buckwheat are used in complex medicinal preparations for cystitis, diseases of the ureter, to get rid of accumulated toxins during chemotherapy.

The use of the core is also recommended for diseases of constricted vessels, anemia, any inflammatory processes, from fever and for cleaning blood. Potassium deficiency can also benefit from this drug.

Shepherd's purse is also used as an external remedy for wounds, bruises, cuts and skin ulcers. We use it in the form of compresses and lotions. To do this, pour 5 grams of raw materials with a glass of raw water, boil over low heat for 60 seconds, leave for half an hour and filter. Then you can make lotions.

For women's health :

  • the core is able to regulate menstrual irregularities, reduce blood loss and normalize blood pressure ;
  • grandmother promotes active contraction of uterine muscles during childbirth, stimulate contractions;
  • as anti-inflammatory;
  • in the prevention and treatment of polycystic and female tumorsx genitals;
  • core tea soothes migraines with hot flashes, sweating, relieves dizziness;
  • uses as a relief during menopause.
What is so special about shepherd's purse for health?

If you don't have time to make tea, there is an alcoholic extract. You can buy it at a pharmacy or make it yourself.

We insist the dried shoots in medical alcohol in a ratio of one to ten for 2 weeks in warm and dark, filter. We take 25 drops per teaspoon of boiled water 3 times a day.

contraindications for treatment with a Shepherd's bag

Despite the beneficial properties and good tolerance, there are also contraindications for the use of shepherd's purse:

  • firstly, the use of the core can provoke premature birth or miscarriage in pregnant women;
  • < li> secondly, girchak promotes blood thickening, therefore it is prohibited in case of thrombosis, thrombophlebitis, increased blood clotting and vascular plaques;
  • thirdly, contraindications to the use of grits exist for people with blockage of blood vessels who have had a stroke or heart attack.
  • It is better to buy fees in pharmacies, because depending on the time of harvesting, plant variety and soil composition, the therapeutic effect can vary significantly. It is advisable to obtain a doctor's approval for the use of decoctions and infusions.