What is special about manic depression?

Among the mental disorders the most common is a disease known as manic depression. This violation may be referred to another, and such terms as "bipolar affective disorder" (BAR). Such a serious illness manifests wave-like change of affective States – from depressed to manic.

What is special about manic depression?

Many diseases of the psyche have a hidden form, so the patients themselves can be a long time not even be aware of mental disorders.

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The causes of manic depression

The human psyche is affected by this disorder, experiencing anxiety, sadness, confusion. Such a state can dramatically shift in hyperactivity, overexcitement, euphoria. This mental disorder affects approximately 3% of the total population of our planet. Typically, the disease affects young people under the age of 25 years. Manic depression can develop in children from the age of 13.

Manic-depressive syndrome occurs in people regardless of their gender, but it is worth noting that women are more prone to depression, and men manic disorders. Under the depression means constantly depressed mood at the time as manic manifested by increased excitability.

Scientists today are not fully investigated the causes of the disease, but most of the experts are of the opinion about the heredity of this disease. Also adverse effects on the human psyche have injuries and brain damage, which usually do not go unnoticed.

the manifestation of Manic depression

For manic depression is characterized by shifts of two phases, one is manifested depressed mood, the second – increased excitability. Between these two phases usually is the time when a person feels and behaves absolutely fine.

Patients who undergoing a depressive phase, you can recognize such distinct characteristics:

  • Depressed mood. The person is in a depressed state that is accompanied by malaise – General weakness, fatigue, lack of appetite;
  • Intellectual retardation. Manifested this symptom of mental disorder in the inability to focus on the most elementary things;
  • Physical and speech retardation. Such changes are manifested in the decline of physical and mental reactions of human patients. Physical activity is dulled, if untreated it can go into complete immobilization.

With manic depression shortly after a bad mood, there is a phase of excitement. The person observed manic behavior, you can often notice speech and motor impairment, increase efficiency.

If the depressive phase is characterized by vivid intensity, for a period of mania characteristic is its steady flow. Deviations in human behavior from this mental disorder can determine only an experienced neurologist.

Symptoms of Manic depression

What is special about manic depression?

When the extent of the disease bipolar affective disorder is manifested more and more intense, and the manic phase becomes more pronounced. Started with PM, manic-depression until the morning may disturb the patient, not allowing to relax and his family. The elevated mood is often not the case, there is a recovery of energy, the emergence of delusional ideas.

If you carefully observe the hands of man, you notice symptoms of mental excitement. Hands are in a relaxed position, the patient is constantly motivates them, something pulls, straightens.

Also recognize the appearance of the excited state is possible and shifty glance. A lot to tell and a pose that changes frequently – the person sits down, stands up, walks, makes a lot of unnecessary extra movements.

Treatment Manic depression

What is special about manic depression?

Patients belonging to the group of manic-depression, should complete a full course of treatment under the supervision of an experienced neurologist or psychotherapist.

First the specialist individually selects pharmacological agents aimed at suppression of the excited state or, conversely, the means of uplifting.

Factors emotional arousal neytralizuya soothing medicines.

Self-medication in this disease is unacceptable, because the depressive-manic psychosis quickly get worse, and can lead to tragic consequences.