What to do if fired?

Yesterday you lived in a stable and understandable world, which consisted of a logical chain "home-work-shop-home". And now it exploded...You are fired... And it doesn't matter whether this was due to the reduction or neselevska relationship with the boss. Shock is the first sensation, after which comes the panic and come painful thoughts about what to do next.

What to do if fired?

Most likely today you passionately want to get away from all of the planet, to plunge in past life and exist because of the memories and stability and career growth. You do not want someone to see or listen to regret.

At once, say: you do it absolutely in vain, because the tacit experiences become the cause of serious health problems, to solve which it is necessary with the help of a psychologist and therapist. A much better option will be a good friend and her vest. In that company should speak out, to throw out all the negativity and talk through the problem aloud.

Do not hope that you will take back. After all, before you dismiss the man, authorities comprehensively considering such a solution, and it is uniquely balanced and irrevocably. But to openly hate your boss, and, especially, to Express their negative attitude is not worth it.

Most likely, he does not pursue any personal goal, and performs work responsibilities. Honestly finish things up, tidy workspace and paper, give responsibilities and leave behind a good impression.

The content of the article

What not to do at all

Referring to temporary unemployment, in any case not to disturb the settled order of the day. The fact that you were fired from work, does not mean that it is possible to arrange ongoing celebration of laziness. No, the rest, of course, necessary, but in moderation, otherwise the next place work will appear soon.

Also I do not advise to hang the label of loser. Better recall all the successes and achievements that have given to you, beginning with the school bench. It's possible that you should find yourself on a completely different field.

And another thing: in no case should not respond negatively about your former employer or the firm in General. It is uneasy ugly, but risky. The fact that entrepreneurs create their own environment, and all of your statements are quite unable to reach the employer-predecessor.

What should be done urgently?

If you were fired from work, one need not panic thinking about what to do and how to live. Be consistent and restrained.

Your main action should be the following:

  • A thorough audit of cash and Bank money. Analyze your daily expenses, refrain from impulse purchases, make a list of what you will have to spend in the near future, and follow it in strict order;
  • The availability of a loan or mortgage obligates you to immediately contact your Bank, put them on notice about your new status and request to provide you with a modified payment schedule or at all to ask for vacation credit;
  • If you have the financial ability, enroll in courses or gain new skills;
  • With previous work need to get letters of recommendation, characteristics and income statement for last 6 months. These papers will need to register at the employment centre or when you make a new post.

And legally if your reduction?

If the firm does not stop its activities, and you weren't fired, layoff, wishing to save on compensation, you should know the following: in your work book cannot be written the phrase "mismatch position" in such cases:

  • you have spent a vacation or are on sick leave;
  • you are unable to acquire the necessary experience, as he was hired recently;
  • employers have been informed, that your education does not match jobs, but still took you.

Some practical recommendations

What to do if fired?

Each of us in different ways to cope with falling trouble. Some throw up their hands, not noticing the lack of food in the fridge, a hungry cat or centimeter layer of dust throughout the apartment, while others perceive the dismissal as a great chance to discover new horizons.


  • To the time after dismissal was postponed, not so hard, stop trying to be introspective and self-effacement. The belief that only losers cut, is fundamentally wrong and has no right to exist;
  • Revise their Outlook on existence in General. The condition of the internal crisis has the potential to completely destroy life, or to translate it into new and more qualitative level. Make every possible effort so that this shake-up has brought only positive results;
  • No need to be nervous, angry and make plans for revenge, hoping to fired your boss. It is possible that very soon you tell him a huge "thank you". Hard to believe, but the dismissal was held for many entrepreneurs, the impetus and the tipping point that changed their lives and are provoked to do their work.

Yes, the unknown can be scary, but if you carefully analyze, to think, to communicate with financial advisors and make the right business project, the idea may well be successful. Hired for a new job you will always have time;

  • Not on your Nelly not to withdraw into themselves, refusing to leave the house with or without a cell phone. Depression is also able to aggravate the situation, so trips to the theatre, cinema or walks – just what the doctor ordered;
  • Looking for a new job, do not throw attempts. If you slammed doors 20, 21-I definitely will friendly open.

By the way, many of the dismissed women point to the fact that it has become much easier and simpler to live, not adhering to office hours. The fact that the work in the closed area is permanently connected with a huge number of bad habits: coffee unlimited, constant smoke breaks and snacks, a chronic lack of sleep and travel.

The dismissal can be perceived as an unexpected vacation, a chance to give the body a rest, be satisfied with healthy food, to sleep and to be fed fresh air.

After the dismissal necessarily consider with the whether the profession you have dedicated your life? It is possible that such a nuisance is a sign, which will push you to the dramatic changes and the need to tap the hidden talents and capabilities.

Try the "homemade" types of earnings, which will bring you moral and financial satisfaction at the same time. It can be molded from polymer clay, beading, copywriting and more. In this case, you will be your own boss.


Remember, you can't fire if you:

What to do if fired?
  • are in "interesting position";
  • a mother of a child who is under 3 years old;
  • have the status of single mothers, whose children have not reached 14 years of age;
  • are a mother of a minor child with a disability;
  • do not reached 18 years of age.

To trample on all such reasons, the employer may only in case of complete liquidation of the company.

Of course, fire can also cause disclosure of trade secrets, violations of corporate discipline and ethics, negligence, or theft... But all these moments should be documented, and not to be unfounded.