What to do when sore skin from touching?

A disease in which each minor touch sore skin, called allodynia. Discomfort in this disease significantly impairs the quality of life. The reasons for its occurrence are many and the treatment can be quite complicated.

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Classification of the disease

Similar to classify the disease according to the following categories:

  • tactile allodynia – when you touch;
  • statistical mechanical pain causes even a touch of cotton pad;
  • dynamic mechanical – pain when directional effects, for example, when washing;
  • thermal – when temperature drops.

If it hurts the skin each time you touch, to explain it to others is difficult. People simply do not believe that any touch causes pain, and trying to explain this sensitivity psychological problems.

Why when you touch the pain is felt?

The psychological factor can cause excessive sensitivity of the skin, and an increased amount of ultraviolet radiation received during the cold season in the Solarium or in the summer on the beach, but is also the cause of the pain can be much more serious:

  • Pathology of the brain, which is disturbed sort different stimuli causing different sensations. The brain includes a tactile defense when it is not required. This can happen after a stroke or as a result of severe injuries of the skull;
  • Neuropathy caused by traumatic influences, endocrine disorders, Hyper - or avitaminosis;
  • Condition after chickenpox or herpes that causes shingles in some of the guides referred to as "tiling";
  • The usual migraine if it occurs frequently, can cause loss of sensitivity
  • Fibromyalgia – this disease not only causes pain throughout the body, but there is a constant chronic fatigue;
  • Demyelinating disease is a group of diseases of the nervous system in which damage of the myelin sheath coating the nerve cells;
  • Lesions of the spine causing damage to spinal cord, whereby the function of the nerve endings are disrupted and there is increased sensitivity of the skin;
  • AIDS;
  • Radiation or chemical exposure.

One symptom – pain. It can be localized or General acute or minor. In any case – this is not normal, and to figure out why the pain started the skin on the body, must.

Skin treatment


To determine the causes and the treatment prescribed for this condition is in most cases extremely difficult. Allodynia can occur suddenly and the patient to remember what preceded the disease may not always.

The easiest way to make a diagnosis or prescribe treatment, if sore skin after tanning. What would such a reaction was not called: the increased level of ultraviolet light, cosmetic products for skin care and sun, the time of stay in the capsule – maybe one to abandon the Solarium.

"To teach" the body is dangerous – in the future may disrupt sensitive nerve endings, and allodynia have to treat.

If it hurts the skin when the temperature, you need to analyze what came first, pain or increased temperature.

At the temperature caused by the infection, through the skin sweat glands are removed toxins and sweat may cause inflammation of the ducts. The nociceptors – sensitive nerve endings located in the lower layers of the epidermis – inflammation increases the sensitivity. This is what happens when an infectious disease caused by the introduction into the organism of staphylococci.

If first came the pain, which is localized in a certain area, and the temperature of the secondary, it can be a manifestation of purulent-inflammatory processes – formation of furuncle, or erysipelas infection. Redness and pronounced changes appear then in the treatment of diseases are in most cases local funds.


With endocrine disorders or autoimmune diseases, it is important to monitor the sugar level and blood counts if neuropathic pain is caused by injury or previous disease that we should try to eliminate or to enter into a state of remission.

While the reasons of why allodynia, therapeutic interventions aimed at relief of pain symptoms.

To eliminate the pain can be prescribed these drugs:

  • funds from analgesic drugs local action;
  • anticonvulsant drugs are the General steps to remove the tension from the muscles and smooth muscles of small blood vessels;
  • nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs course;
  • antidepressants – a relaxing effect, relieves excessive irritability and nervousness;
  • sedatives – insomnia exacerbates allodynia, increases nerve excitability and increased sensitivity of the receptors.

Sometimes pain when touching expressed so much that I have to resolve to resort to drugs. But if after 2-3 injections the pain returned, and expressed as much from their use still refuse, it may be addictive.

To relief the condition can be used: physical therapy, dry heat, reflexology, acupuncture, sessions with a therapist.

The doctor can advise on the latest methods of treatment is the implantation under the skin of the devices, which control nerve impulses.

Unfortunately, modern medicine can not always help patients to normalize the sensitivity, and the condition may eventually deteriorate. Some therapeutic measures can even worsen the condition of the doctors operates in virtually "blind".

In violation of the functions of the brain skin sensitivity can not be repaired, this leads to a gradual change of mentality and inappropriate reactions to normal stimuli and circumstances.