What to wear and how to choose the top under the brown pants?

Brown shades are universal and practical. The clothes of this color is appropriate in all situations and is suitable for people of all ages. Of course, sometimes songs are not very good, but if you know what to wear with brown pants, you will always look stylish and modern. The main thing – effectively to combine them with other wardrobe items.

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General rules

Brown pants are used as casual sets, and to create a business image, romantic. To the ensemble looked perfectly complete, you need to play on contrasts.

Stylists recommend:

  • You should not combine brown bottom with a close color top or accessory. Otherwise your image will be dull and boring;
  • Don't be afraid to experiment with bright colors;
  • Pick jewelry with large colored stones, such as gold or green.

What to wear?


What to wear with dark brown pants? This issue is of concern to all budding fashionistas. They go perfectly with orange or coral blouse. This is the same with jackets saturated yellow hues. Pants chocolate tones can be combined with things soft pink color. Another successful Duo of brown and turquoise, which has already become a classic.

Business meetings are more suitable linen pants straight cut. Supplement can be fitted light blouse. Feminine looks with this hem loose shirt of lightweight fabric.

Complement the ensemble a handkerchief on the neck.

For everyday wear, you can choose any models: wide or narrow, dark or light colors. The style , complement the tote to match the pants. The last accent – black or dark brown wide leather belt. In the evening you can "refresh"the set of the high-heeled shoes.

If you want to look flashy, you need to know what else a combination of brown pants. They look classy with leopard print – in this outfit you'll remain. Skinny pants can be supplemented with the"evil" t-shirt or loose shirt.

Brown leather performance

It is now fashionable to wear clothes made of leather, so the designers offer bold girls brown leather pants. Wear them with things red, black, beige. Complement the image of boots with a wide shaft on a flat sole or a small wide heel.

Elegant look these pants with shirts, vests and denim jackets. Pick them bag in tone shoes let it be neutral.

Going into the office.


The brown color is perfect for the office. With its help you can easily create business image.
Complete with a trendy brown pants will look good with white shirts and blouses. If you want to smooth out a bit official style, use a necktie, a bright jacket or massive jewelry. Instead of a jacket you can wear a vest.

Shoes should be classic. Ideal pumps brown heels or to go low without decoration. Bag should not attract attention to herself, so give preference to neutral models.

If the bottom of wide, the top should be tight. What to wear with brown linen pants? Fit sweaters in bright colors. The main thing is to make a voluminous scarf or necklace to "spice up" a simple cut jackets.

If you have a slim waist emphasise it with a belt in a shade darker than the pants. Shoes – pumps or ankle boots. To him pick up a big brown bag.

Outfit for the party

The evening allows some liberties. Do a makeover in the style of "smoky eyes"using beige and brown tones, red or gold nail Polish.

Skinny pants to tuck in high heeled boots. Under a tweed jacket, wear a fitted t-shirt with the neckline. Well "work" accessories: large sunglasses, wide leather belt, gloves.

Brown shades soothe. This color is associated with purity, therefore, restores emotional strength, giving peace and harmony.

Have a good mood and stylish imagery!