What to wear with oxfords: rules and tips for the modern fashionistas

An Oxford is a classic men's shoes that in the 19th century were students of the University of. Today, this comfortable shoes can be found in both the male and female wardrobe and you'll be closed lace up in the front of the Shoe. Women's shoes or as they are called oscardata eminent designers put on the heel than very pleased with the avid fashionistas. And what to wear with oxfords?

Timeless classic

If you just learn the basics of creating your own style, do not just jump out of the frying pan into the fire for the sake of dubious creativity.

What to wear with oxfords: rules and tips for the modern fashionistas
  • Buy a classic black or brown shoes and wear them with regular pants and a white shirt;
  • Jeans, as we know, combined with everyone, so instead of pants you can use them, not to forget that they should be of such length that it was evident his ankle. Generally, it is the cardinal rule of wearing such shoes in conjunction with any selected set of clothes, she has to open that part of the leg;
  • In cool weather on top of the shirt, you can throw a jacket, cardigan or coat and neck wrap the scarf;
  • To create a stylish image, it is enough to choose men suit with short trousers with all its attributes – tie, cuff-links and go to lectures.

By the way, the image of a British student will help to implement and truly women's clothes – plaid skirt, blouse, and oxfords of unusual colors. It is necessary to consider one nuance: the color of shoes should match the color of the tights. This will help to create a single continuous line and make your legs slimmer.

Creative solutions

What to wear with oxfords: rules and tips for the modern fashionistas

What else to wear black oxfords? About the tights already mentioned, you can now mark and leggings. Try to experiment with trendy colors, and more big-name designers are advised to wear this shoes with socks or stockings.

Wearing a long sweater, pick up socks, and will complete the image of stylish hat and handbag on a long strap. Your wardrobe is a wrap dress laconic solid color? Great! It will make a great tandem oxfords. You can leave your hat if you have one.

What to wear with brown oxfords? This women's Shoe a lot of advantages over other models: it is a comfortable, elegant and it is due to belonging to a men's wardrobe emphasizes the femininity and vulnerability of the fair sex. If you have been looking out for themselves oxfords high heel or heels, such purchase will be doubly successful, because you will be able to put on them not only under shorts or pants, but dresses.

Although models and wide square heel good harmony with light summer dresses, especially if they are made not of leather and textile. Leather oxfords ideal for creating a casual style, with suede bright colors will be able to take its rightful place in the outfit, made in a futuristic style.

Shoes of textiles is extremely loved by the younger generation, which had the opportunity to touch and smell a bygone era in 20-ies of the last century. These shoes can not be boring, if you give her the preference, not only because of the convenience, but also style and beauty.

Fashion accessories accentuate the femininity of the image, and no one would dare to compare your model with laconic men's boots. Good luck!