What you need to know about the second birth

Features of the second birth is dedicated to a lot of those, and not in vain, as they are really different from the first duration and the nature of the flow. Preparing to become a second time mother does not feel the same confusion and fear, and the body as though with a new force responds to the call to give life again.

What you need to know pregnant and what are the nuances to consider when preparing for an important event?

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The psychology of second birth

What you need to know about the second birth

The second childbirth easier first for many reasons, most of the factors — psychological.

The firstborn always causes special feelings in the mother in connection with the difficulties through which we had to go through, giving birth to a child. Years later, it remains only the memory of the excitement, some women do not remember the pain of contractions, but rather a sense of novelty and awe when they first put the child to breast.

But getting ready for the hospital again, the woman said in themselves increased confidence, experience and calm, because he knows exactly how she needs to do. Even vague fears inherent in all pregnant women — "what if something goes wrong?", — do not have on it the previous government.

Calm expectation of a miracle birth is, of course, wonderful, but there is a flip side to the coin. The fact that an experienced woman is deceived by his own mind and risks missing a lot of important points.

First, preparing for the hospital. Family members are not so excited as the first time, and the like are excluded from assistance. Pregnant she can "just forget" basic things — what to bring to the hospital when it is time to negotiate with the clinic, who is to leave the older child and the like.

Second, the time to go to the hospital. Lackluster bout the second birth can last for hours, while pregnant will not notice them, absorbed in household chores, or simply not to focus on the sensations.

Aged primiparas much more sensitive and can easily take alarm from any jolt in the stomach, with experienced mothers all the way around. It might end late in the clinic and childbirth in the ambulance.

A positive point is that the mother is counting on your strength, knows how to behave and what to expect from doctors and the process. This is a valuable sense of experience saves you from unnecessary panic and rush.

How are the second birth

Probably not a mother of several children, which would have said that every time was exactly like the previous one. On the contrary, women agree that the feeling every time was different and at the same time, note that the experience helps you successfully pass the test again. What is the difference between re, or second birth?

Physiological features of the second birth:

  • the opening of the cervix occurs in 4-6 hours, whereas for the first time this happens in approximately 12 hours;
  • the cervix is more supple and loose;
  • the inner and outer jaws open simultaneously;
  • early appearance of attempts;
  • the fetus moves through the birth canal faster (about 15 minutes for the first time — up to 1 hour);
  • attempts can be weaker than the first time, as the abdominal muscles weaker with each pregnancy;
  • pain syndrome reduced;
  • the placenta is born faster, for 10-15 minutes (first — to half an hour);
  • in connection with changes in the muscle tissue of the uterus post-partum haemorrhage may be relatively strong, up to 0.5% of the blood volume of the body.

Otherwise, the woman is faced with the same difficulties as before: the probability of breaks (they can be prevented with the help of oil massage of the perineum), the need for stimulation, anesthesia, cleaning of the uterus from the remnants of tribal fabrics.

Quite justified popular conception of the second birth as fleeting. However, in obstetrics transient is considered to be the past in less than 2 hours, if the woman gives birth to a child 2 to 4 hours – this is called a fast delivery.

Again, do I need a caesarean section

If the last pregnancy resulted in caesarean section, the next birth can be both natural, and again by caesarean. To prepare for this question beforehand.

Caesarean section could not be done if:

  • the first time it was assigned not because of serious health problems (heart disease, severe asthma, etc.);
  • pelvic bones are the right shape, not too narrow, without dislocation;
  • seams from the previous operations are well converged and strengthened;
  • past breaks have not led to changing the shape of the tracks;
  • undiagnosed breech presentation of the fetus.

Don't blame obstetricians for a caesarean section at the last moment, they say, if anything, will make it right. This question was one of those that requires informed decisions and full medical support, given past difficulties with health and prognosis of possible complications your gynecologist and other physicians.

The woman uses past experience

What you need to know about the second birth

For example, when a stage of the contractions, the woman already knows about particular positions, in which it will be easier to endure pain. This is usually a frequent change of body position, walk around the house, careful shallow inclinations in the parties. Many were able to evaluate the effect of massage of the waist, which helps to relax and distract from the contractions.

I remember and breathing is important to maintain strength and muscle function and blood vessels.

Also a skill that is not lost already, probably never, is the ability to push thus to facilitate the passage of the child through the birth canal and speed up his appearance.

The huge benefits of attending courses for pregnant women and so-called school mom. Interestingly, some prefer re-trained, paying attention to the peculiarities of the second birth, and have spared neither time nor money.

Whether you need it, every mother decides, we note only that without re-training can have completely relaxed, it is rather the need of the pregnant communication interest than necessity.h3

Ogrodowy period: when is the best time to give birth to a second baby?

Gynecologists unanimously speak to women not to delay having children, and these strong recommendations hear not only childless, but have been quite happy mom.

Concerned about the age and the inexorable loss of strength, women tend to avoid large age difference children. But what a pause would be too long, and what is normal?

Ten or more years interval between pregnancies are considered to be long term. This does not mean that impossible to give birth, just the female body during this time, largely loses memory of the labor, as they say, is losing the skill.

But do not be afraid, that everything will be just as difficult as the first time: age the only difference is the condition and possibility of complications. The first is fixable, second to prepare.

If you want a second child much later than the first, take care of your body from stress, regular rest, heals, time treat all diseases and disorders. This will help you to preserve strength for the next baby.

Causes of complications in connection with childbirth for a second child after a prolonged pause (10 years or more):

  • muscles become less elastic;
  • the nervous system is depleted;
  • the metabolism slows down;
  • increase of one or two chronic diseases;
  • possible transferred sexual infection;
  • preceding the abortion;
  • reduced hormones;
  • overall fatigue.
What you need to know about the second birth

The favourable period between births is considered to be a period of about 2 years. During this time a woman, as they say, rests. Despite the troubles in feeding and caring for the first child, the female body really bounces back and gather strength for the next pregnancy.

However, these conventions are quite common, and you can often see children with age difference of 1-2 years, indicating that the conception in the first few months after birth. It all depends on endurance, ease first pregnancy, the absence of postpartum complications.

Life is unpredictable, but the second pregnancy it is better to plan taking into account the health status and the availability of forces — because the child then you have more to feed, nurture and educate! And resources needed for this are considerable.

Therefore, for the women so natural to make every effort to provide your baby the best conditions for life, which he begins, of course, from the womb of a healthy, recharged, mother.