When after delivery, you can plan a second child?

Often, young parents are interested in, how long after childbirth can you get pregnant? The reasons for this may be different: some parents want children pogodak, others have taken steps to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

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The recovery of the body

Many women who have recently become mothers, it seems that the body is restored, and you can plan a re-conception of the baby. But how many time it is necessary they do not even know. The appearance of menstruation does not mean that the body is ready for a new pregnancy. The fact that the previous pregnancy and physiological childbirth has greatly depleted the body.

There is a high probability of different threats:

  • Spontaneous miscarriage;
  • Premature birth;
  • Beriberi;
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Those women who are interested in how many months after a natural birth you can get pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby, it would be helpful to know that doctors do not recommend planning a second child less than six months after the first pregnancy, but better in a year.

The consequences of caesarean section

How many days after giving birth by caesarean section can you get pregnant? It all depends on the characteristics of the organism, but the reproductive function of the body is recovered 30-40 days after birth.

The fact that childbirth by surgery, the woman loses a large amount of blood. In addition, after a surgical birth, the uterus is left with a scar.

Before another conception is obligatory examined by a gynecologist. To determine the status of the scar, which was formed as a result of the operation, carried out a hysteroscopy and hysterography.

Hysteroscopy doctors do with the aid of an endoscope by introducing it into the uterus about a year from the day of surgery.

Hysterography is performed by studying the images of x-rays that are done right and side. Such a procedure may not be conducted earlier than six months. In the presence of attacks hysterography is conducted through greater amount of time.

How much time you can't get pregnant after giving birth by caesarean section? Safe time to re-occurrence of pregnancy is the period when the uterine scar will be almost invisible, as it is the main criterion in the process for the recovery of the body. Doctors also pay attention to the scar tissue. Better when the scar is formed from muscle tissue, not mixed or connective.

Fast pregnancy after birth threatens to divergence of the scar. It entails the death of the fetus, and sometimes pregnant women. Why doctors do not recommend conceiving less than a couple of years after surgery.

Natural childbirth after cesarean section

In medical practice there are often cases when a woman after a caesarean birth physiologically. However, this solution can make the doctor who was conducting surveillance of a woman all the time.

The birth of a child in a natural way can be recommended subject to conditions:

  • The uterine scar is in good condition, and there is no threat of divergence.
  • Localization of the placenta outside of the scar;
  • During the previous operations there was only one scar, which is created transversely;
  • In a mother's womb is one fruit which weight can not be more than 3.5 kg;
  • Testimony to the birth of a previous baby by caesarean section was due to a pregnancy. For example, placental abruption, toxaemia of late-term, cross offer baby.

The probability of a birth of the child physiologically after a caesarean, if it's been at least 12 months. If pregnancy occurs before this time birth will be carried out only by surgery. Do not forget that doctors do not recommend more than three times to carry out such an operation, explaining that each subsequent intervention will be harder for the female body.

Lactation and pregnancy

Many young moms believe that during breast-feeding and resumption of menstruation the emergence of new life can not occur. The fact that conception may occur after 4-5 weeks after birth, and the menstrual cycle can be restored by a few months.

Therefore, having a newborn baby, not everyone can immediately see the emergence of new life in the body. When fully breastfeeding pregnant women noted a reduction in milk production. Also changes its taste, and the child may refuse the breast.

Postpartum spotting

The first 12-14 days after birth in women there are abundant vaginal bleeding, which disappears after an average of 5 weeks. Many people mistakenly believe that at this time you can't get pregnant. Increased risk of pregnancy in women whose babies are bottle-fed.

You should pay attention to the fact that the gynecologists do not recommend having sex for the first month after the appearance of the baby, as it can cause increased bleeding. Also, do not have sex without a condom is necessary for protection of the uterus and appendages from the infection.

Before restoring the sexual relationship, it is advisable to visit a gynecologist who will be able to assess how the restored genitals after childbirth and to receive recommendations on the method of contraception.

Which method of contraception to choose?


Breast feeding women who do not wish to get pregnant immediately after the birth of a baby should pay special attention to the contraceptive method. It is recommended at this time to abandon the combined oral contraceptives. This is due to the presence in pills of estrogen, which can reduce the quantity of produced breast milk. Introduction of complementary foods reduces the consumption baby breast milk, so during this time, you can begin taking such pills.

Fans of condoms is to use them with caution, as in the postpartum period, women increased vaginal dryness. Slip is recommended to use a lubricant based on water. Replace them with butter or cream, as these tools will damage the product.

A safe way to prevent unwanted pregnancy in the postpartum period can be:

  • Candles;
  • Vaginal tablets;
  • Tampons;
  • Creams.

Their protective properties against unwanted pregnancy somewhat inferior to oral contraceptives, but in lactation it is enough.

In the absence of contraindications after 1.5-2 months after the baby is born you can think about IUDs. When properly installed it is able to protect not only from pregnancy but also prevention of many gynecological diseases.

It is important to note that a pregnancy in the early postpartum period, it is not recommended to terminate by abortion, especially after surgical delivery. It threatens to damage the cervix, causing it loses its physiological properties.

It is worth remembering that the pregnancy must occur after the body has fully recovered. The observance of such conditions reduces the risk of injury, both his and the baby.