Where to rent clothes for money: how to dispose of outdated items wisely

Bioenergy experts say that to maintain and maintain physical and psychological health, it is necessary from time to time to sort out wardrobes and get rid of those things in the wardrobe that are not needed and have not worn for at least the last six months or a year.

Where to rent clothes for money: how to dispose of outdated items wisely

Those old clothes that are badly worn out should be thrown away without regret. But what about relatively new things or worn out, but still presentable? It would not hurt to sell such a wardrobe, but where can you rent clothes for money?

Having got rid of a few unnecessary, but decent things, even for a nominal fee, you can buy one new, possibly "branded" thing. Therefore, it is worth considering the options and possibilities of where you can donate unwanted clothes for money.

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Opportunities to donate baby clothes

The easiest way to decide is what to do with baby clothes that have become too small for a child. Every mom has a lot of such things left: the baby is growing rapidly, sometimes even new things are not worn even once. In specialized stores of children's clothing, a new wardrobe costs a lot, therefore for mothers the question of where to turn in clothes for money is solved quickly.

There are several options for getting rid of children's clothing, you can choose any that will be the most for parents convenient.

  1. First of all, online stores, online sales platforms and social networks come to the rescue. For a mom who is busy all day with her baby, this is the best option. Having photographed things from several angles, you can safely place an advertisement for the sale by attaching a photo and the requested cost of the clothes to them. After that, all that remains is to wait. The advantage of this option is also the fact that, as a rule, ads are placed without payment, so that the owners of the wardrobe do not lose anything.
  2. Thrift stores in which children's clothing is accepted for sale. The amount that the owners of things want to get for them can be negotiated independently. The downside of such a sale is that the commissions take a certain percentage for their services, so that the money that can be raised for the clothes handed over can be immediately reduced by 30-50%.
  3. You can include a children's wardrobe in a common commission, which is popularly called "second-hand". This is a chain of stores where you can rent both old and relatively new things, immediately receiving money for them. The advantage of this sale is that payment for the children's wardrobe will be received immediately, and the disadvantage- that, as a rule, it is very little money.

Which option to prefer, the parents decide for themselves. It all depends on how urgently finances are needed, whether mom has enough free time to take the clothes to the thrift store and then go there to get the money from the sale of things.

Variants of getting rid of branded items

Probably, every woman, and sometimes a man, has a lot of fashionable, "branded" items in their wardrobe, which have lost their attractiveness and relevance for their owners. But I don’t want to just give or donate such clothes to someone, since it cost a lot when buying, and the look is practically new. A reasonable question arises: where can I rent new clothes for money or a little worn "brand" one?

  1. Naturally, the first correct solution to the problem will be the possibilities of Internet resources. By placing an appropriate ad with the specified parameters, the name of the "brand" itself and photographs of clothes, you can safely expect calls from potential buyers. An important plus: you can get a price for a sold item that the seller himself considers fair.
  2. In some cities there are special “boutiques” where new and used clothes from the world's leading “brands” can be sold for sale. The only condition is that the wardrobe to be handed over must be in a clean and presentable condition, since in addition to used clothes, you can often find stock items there. The courier can also come to your home and pick up the handed-over wardrobe for sale, having previously inspected it for quality.
  3. Ordinary commission shops willingly accept both “branded” goods and simpler things for sale. Most of them put up for sale the goods being sold at the price that the owner calls. After a certain period of time, stipulated by the charter of the store, the cost of not sold items is reduced by a certain percentage of the original price. In addition, the administration of the trade institution also takes a certain percentage for its services. But the undoubted advantage of this option is that such second-hand shops are often located in accessible places and are popular among the population, since they can buy “branded” goods at an affordable price.

They are willingly buying unique clothes and second-hand clothes, but the money that can be obtained by handing over things there is very small, one might say, symbolic.

Where can you hand over old clothes for money

It is also possible to rent out old clothes for a certain financial reward, despite the fact that such things are not always in demand. Going through the wardrobe, you can immediately sort things into new and old, respectively, while determining where each batch is sent.

  1. As a rule, Internet resource services for old and worn things will not work. Few people will look for themselves in social networks and an Internet magicianThere is such a product for yourself, so there is a real possibility that a potential buyer will have to wait too long.
  2. With a not very new product, you can immediately go to the nearest second-hand, where such things are willingly bought by weight. At the same time, they do not pay close attention to the state of the handed-over wardrobe: the main thing is that the clothes are washed and clean. In some of these stores, the goods are still sorted before buying: worn-out things in normal condition are accepted for a fee higher than very old clothes. An important advantage of this sales model is that the proceeds from the goods can be received in cash and immediately.
  3. Thrift stores, where you can donate clothes for money, may also accept not entirely new goods. However, the employees of such "boutiques" must inspect things: those that are badly worn and spoiled are immediately sorted out and not accepted for sale. In addition, the likelihood that old clothes will be in great demand in this store is too small, and no one cancels the decrease in the cost of goods after a certain period. Therefore, in the end, if it is possible to sell an old thing in a thrift store, then for a symbolic price, which is good, if enough, to pay for the store's services.

Modern options for where to donate unnecessary clothes for money , a lot. It all depends on what wardrobe is being put up for sale and in what condition it is.

Things in perfect condition can be very popular even on free Internet sites, but for old and used things, the best option would be a regular second-hand chain, where you can quickly drop off any items. In the first case, things can be sold profitably and with pleasure, in the second, you can simply get rid of unnecessary trash for a nominal fee.