Which is better slow cooker or pressure cooker and how to make the right choice?

Technical progress does not stand still: every day the market appears more and more devices and tools designed to save time hostess in the kitchen. In such a device as multivarka, many have used and they are not surprised, with its help you can cook porridge and even cook cakes.

But multivarka-cooker is a novelty on the market of household appliances and as promised by the manufacturers, able to cook much faster than conventional slow cooker. Whether so it and what better to choose?

Similarities and differences


The cooker itself is found today only in the kitchens of those Housewives who she had inherited from my mother or grandmother. That is not an electrical device and it as an ordinary saucepan, you need to put on the stove.

The modern model represented by combined devices, that is multivarka a function of the pressure cooker. What is better: slow cooker or a pressure cooker?

The question is not idle. After all, every woman wants to purchase would save for cooking at home another couple of minutes.

As you know, the classic slow cooker has been created in order to speed up the cooking time. This became possible due to the pressure developed in the device and controlled wastegate valve.

As a result, moisture is not as much evaporates and carries away heat, while high pressure provides more complete absorption of grains of water vapor. Unlike a slow cooker from a similar device with the function of the pressure cooker is to further exacerbate this effect due to the bypass valve, which is closed and not open until the end of the cooking process.

As a result of such action, the hot air is no longer vented, and the cooking time is reduced significantly.

The main differences between one device from another can be assessed on the following criteria:

  • dimensions;
  • safety during operation;
  • the principle of operation;
  • the ability to control the cooking process and make changes to it;
  • the speed of preparation of dishes;
  • the range of dishes;
  • the presence of the program "cakes";
  • ease of control.

Pressure cooker is large than the slow cooker size, so that the owners of the small area of apartments can only because of this factor prefer a more compact kitchen appliances.

Steamer is more safe compared to a pressure cooker, although modern devices have a valve for emergency pressure relief, and indeed the cover is not holding back the vapor through the o-ring. This is not a fault of the manufacturer, and is made specifically for security purposes.

Pressure cooker slow cooker cooks faster but this speed is not always appropriate. Not all dishes can be prepared quickly, in some cases, this can hurt their taste.


The slow cooker provides the ability to monitor your cooking at any time to put in a Cup of some ingredient. In a pressure cooker is not provided for the opening of the lid during the cooking process, which is a significant disadvantage.

In the budget models, you cannot change the cooking time of a dish, dear as provide the ability to adjust the temperature and time, for example, devices of the Redmond company. Because of these operating characteristics, the range of dishes that can be cooked in a pressure cooker is significantly reduced.

In addition, in this device it is impossible to cook cakes, and the time to "make friends" with him, leave more.

What is multivarka and multivarka-pressure cooker better

How many people, so many opinions. Some praise domestic producers, others tend to what is best Western. What firm the slow cooker and the cooker is still better? One that provides a good product at a reasonable price.

Line leaders is "Panasonic", "Philips", "Polaris" and "Redmond". Almost the entire Russian market belongs to the last manufacturer, most likely because this brand is domestic.

Budget model pressure cooker from this manufacturer has no programs, only the handle, whereas the model RMC-RM190 business class has 14 programs for a cooker and 9 for the mode multivarki.


There is a possibility to postpone the start and to deactivate the heating function. What slow cooker and pressure cooker is the best, everyone decides for himself. Someone very important control, and someone will gladly give this program the opportunity to prepare yogurt and bake bread.

Someone annoying lack of memorizing programs, as it requires some manual steps. But you can choose the model that presents a large list of programs. Including cooking legumes and popcorn.

Of course, the combination in one device of the two, it's a double plus and economy. The market today, you can find the slow cooker with the function of the pressure cooker and steamers, but the price of this product will remain quite high.