Which powder to choose normal or transparent?

To create the perfect make-up is often required that the cosmetic powder. Powder for the face allows you to hide various flaws, irregularities and create a smooth and natural finish.

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What's the best to choose?

The powder is a mixture of mineral and organic components. It is composed of magnesium carbonate, colloidal kaolin, talc and other ingredients. Currently, the amount of talc in the formulation is reduced, it is replaced with silicates, and spherical polymer particles.

They are:

Which powder to choose normal or transparent?
  • pressed;
  • liquid;
  • powdered;
  • in the balls.

Compressed – it's actually the loose powder, which is pressed into a tablet with the use of ethers of cellulose, tragant and water-soluble resins.

Liquid is a suspension of conventional means in a water-glycerol solution. Also add fatty components, alcohol, fragrances and dyes, as well as moisturizing ingredients.

Powder or loose is made from talc, starch, fats, dry a coloring pigment and stearate of zinc. The ratio of these components depends on the purpose of use.

The balls, of course, consists of balls of different colors. This powder evens skin.

Other types:

  • mineral;
  • simarna;
  • bronze or terracotta;
  • green;
  • transparent.

Mineral species means reduces Shine, removes moisture and fat.

Shimerda gives the skin a glow and flicker, as it contains gold and silver particles. It can be used in the evening, for daytime makeup, it is not suitable.

Bronze or terracotta emphasizes the contours of the face. It should be used for tanned skin, pale because it will look unnatural.

Green mask defects. Apply it only on the places which need to be hidden, and over it is necessary to apply the usual makeup.

Transparent means transparent powder. It gives the natural tint and is suitable for any skin type. Let's take a closer look at transparent powder.

Makeup transparent makeup

This makeup has no tone and hue. In the container it looks white but on the skin it becomes transparent.

Which powder to choose normal or transparent?

It gives the skin a matte finish depending on the color of the face and creams. This species is considered universal, it is suitable for any color and skin type.

Transparent loose powder, and this facilitates uniform distribution of all the parts of the face. It can help to create a weightless thin layer, so it is almost invisible on the face. As part of any crystalline form contains components that nourish and reduce fat, it gives Shine.

The main purpose of it is to give your makeup a natural look and fix your make-up to hide the imperfections. The pores remain free.

This makeup does not cause allergic reactions, so is ideal for women with sensitive skin. It is indispensable for redness and inflammation. Transparent powder can be masked by a small wrinkle, since particles do not accumulate in skin folds.

However, transparent powder bad makeup is possible. The fact that this powder is easy to overdo it and apply too much. In normal light it will not be noticeable, but in a flash it will be displayed in white. If you decide to take a picture, the photo will be ruined.

How to apply transparency?

Which powder to choose normal or transparent?

Order cosmetic look good on the face, it is necessary to prepare the skin. Regularly, you should do exfoliation and use moisturizer, then makeup will be good to go. Apply it the Foundation or base for makeup. This should be done with a sponge or large brush. It is necessary to move from forehead to chin and from the nose to the temples. On oily areas should work more carefully. You should apply one layer. But multiple layers is a bad option. Thus it is only possible to ruin everything.

If you want to keep natural way to get a good complexion and not to constantly refresh makeup, use makeup in moderation. It will hide the wrinkles, smooth and give radiance. And you will look young and irresistible!