White dots on tonsils: what to do?

The human body is designed very wisely: many organs are protective barriers impermeable to harmful microorganisms. Same protection are tonsils. They consist of tubes-traps for microbes, which are called lacunas. Healthy tonsils has a pinkish color and a clean sheath. The appearance of white dots or spots on the tonsils suggests that in the gaps begins to accumulate pus. On the causes of pathology in our article.

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Signs of diseases of the glands

White dots on tonsils: what to do?

If the gaps widened at the person by nature, tube for tonsils arise periodically. These formations are small in size, the throat does not hurt, no discomfort.

To distinguish the white dots that are the norm from those that indicate beginning illness need to consult the accompanying symptoms.

White dots on the tonsils signal the defeat of the throat, if their appearance is accompanied by:

  • unmotivated by a sense of weakness;
  • an increase in temperature;
  • body aches;
  • dizziness;
  • dysbiosis;
  • unpleasant mouth odor (due to purulent decomposition);
  • pain and sore throat.

Causes of white spots on the tonsils

Small white dots on the tonsils most often caused by bacterial infections with Staphylococcus or Streptococcus. Once in the body, they provoke the development of inflammation, referred to as "tonsillitis". It manifests itself in different forms — it depends on what exactly was the causative agent. The acute form of tonsillitis commonly known as strep throat.

The appearance of bright spots on the tonsils describes only two kinds of angina lacunar and follicular.

White dots on tonsils: what to do?
  • Lacunar tonsillitis. If you experience a sore throat on the tonsils begins to form plaque quickly accumulates in the gaps. This is well illustrated during the inspection of the tonsils. If there is no cure, white spots compacted, turning into a tube. Plaque is easily removed with a spoon, but quickly formed again.
  • Follicular sore throat. In this case, the tonsils become swollen, highly inflamed. Nature of white dots on the tonsils is explained by the formation of ulcers on them, over time independently opened. Ulcers causes the sensation of an extraneous body in the mouth, tingling feeling.

In both forms of fever, very sore throat. Sometimes ill observed two of these species.

Often confused with tonsillitis and pharyngitis, although this is a completely different disease, treatment is much different. Angina is localized only on the tonsils is bacterial or viral origin, while pharyngitis affects all the mucous, its causes are not always associated with bacteria. So if strep is most often treated by avoiding intake of antibiotics for sore throat this method of treatment is necessary.

The symptoms of the two diseases are similar: sore or scratchy throat, there comes a feeling of fatigue, weakness, and sometimes may increase the temperature. The main differentiating feature is the condition of the glands. White dots on tonsils with pharyngitis are not formed. If they are present on the tonsils of a child or adult – this is a sure sign of tonsillitis.

Methods of treatment

If the appearance of white points associated with tonsillitis, the treatment regimen includes two components:

  • the administration of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory medications;
  • measures that mitigate the symptoms of the disease;
  • the receiving immunostimulatory medications and vitamins.
White dots on tonsils: what to do?

Of drugs most often used in tonsillitis drugs with anti-inflammatory: Paracetamol, Analgin, Ibuprofen. This includes lozenges (e.g., Allergy) and sprays (Hexetidine).

Clean tonsils white spots will help gargling. For this prescribed warm solution of baking soda and salt or solution Furatsilina.

The special infusions for rinsing (Rotokan, tincture of calendula). These tools are more effective than pills absorbable, but often will not fit if you have a sore throat in a child — rinse cause children significant difficulties.

Additional measures for mitigating the symptoms of the disease, are doctor's recommendations regarding lifestyle changes and nutrition. So, I advise you to drink more warm water and other liquids (except acidic juices), eat only soft foods, swallowing of which will not suffer a weakened throat.

Popular recipes

The most common among traditional medicine way of dealing with a sore throat – inhalation. They effectively help if your throat is sore, scratchy, mucous well clear of plaque. Inhalation is a good alternative to rinsing, the implementation of which is often problematic for the child.

Inhalation of chamomile infusion

White dots on tonsils: what to do?

You will need:

  • vodka – 0.5 cups;
  • honey – one tablespoon;
  • Daisy flowers (sold in pharmacies) – 20 grams;
  • water – 0.5 liters.

First, prepare an infusion for inhalation: pour chamomile water, put on fire, bring to a boil. After that, put the pan with the resulting composition on a comfortable chair or Desk, breathing over it, covered with a thick towel.

Inhalation lasts from twenty minutes to half an hour. Procedure is not recommended at elevated temperatures.

Walnut infusion

You will need:

  • walnut walls – three tablespoons;
  • honey – three tablespoons;
  • water — 1/2 Cup.
White dots on tonsils: what to do?

Partition is ground, mixed with honey, bring to a boil. Then leave to infuse for two hours. The medication are taking, diluting with water, (one teaspoon per Cup) three times a day.

Before you apply any recipes of traditional medicine, it is important to consult with your doctor.

Preventive measures

Because white spots on the tonsils are most often the symptom of tonsillitis, which develops as a result of the weakening of the immune system, the best preventative measure there will be actions to strengthen the immune system.

To do this:

  • eat foods rich in vitamins;
  • regularly to harden;
  • observe the rules of personal hygiene to destroy disease-causing bacteria (often to brush your teeth, tongue, not to use other people's brushes or utensils);
  • rinse the nose, throat not only if it hurts, but after each location on the street (especially in autumn and winter, when many ill people).

White spots on the tonsils are not dangerous disease, but it is an important signal that we need to take action to correct a degenerative illness.