Who needs a beaver jet and when?

Do you believe there is a panacea? A medicine that can help with diseases, starting with a commonplace pimple and ending with much more serious ailments? It turns out that such a panacea exists, and our ancestors used it many years ago. The name of the miracle potion is a beaver stream.

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What is this?

Who needs a beaver jet and when?

This concept does not at all mean urine or other excrement of this animal. In fact, the stream of a beaver is nothing more than the contents of the prepuntial glands of female and male aquatic rodents, which contain more than 40 organic compounds. These are alcohols and esters, natural steroids and resinous substances, phenols and other organics.

In the old days, a stream of beaver was valued much higher than the skin or meat of this animal.

She treated such famous personalities as Peter I, Pushkin, Alexander Nevsky, Shukshin and many others. As the historical records show, there was even a universal elixir called "From all diseases" , the original composition of which was safely lost. But what is now known about the properties of the jet is quite enough to treat a huge list of diseases. Which ones? See below.

Practical application of Castoreum

Castoreum - this is how the modern version of this drug has been dubbed, which has the widest range of positive effects.

So, the indications for the practical use of the beaver jet are as follows:

Who needs a beaver jet and when?
  • Literally all pathologies urogenital area, including prostatitis, adenomas and male impotence. In
    folk medicine there are many facts confirming the ability of the jet to have an effect similar to Viagra;
  • Diseases of the vessels, nervous system and heart;
  • Diseases "Like a woman" , and more specifically, thrush, cysts of various origins and inflammation;
  • Pathologies of internal organs: pyelonephritis, renal deficiency;
  • The use of a beaver jet is also relevant in cases of joint disease. It is actively used to prevent and treat arthritis, arthrosis and osteoporosis of varying degrees. To achieve the maximum positive effect, the drug is recommended to be used in parallel with visits to a Russian or Finnish bath;
  • The body of a person suffering from varicose veins responds positively to prolonged use of KaStooreum, which manifests itself in the form of a decrease in puffiness, elimination of seals and strengthening of the venous walls. In just a couple of weeks, it is realistic to achieve complete resorption of blood clots and prevent their further formation;
  • Go  While talking about what diseases the beaver stream helps against, one cannot but recall the high probability of getting rid of lung diseases like pneumonia and even tuberculosis. A similar effect is achieved due to the presence of pure musk in the active substance. It is he who soothes a strong cough, purulent pneumonia, pulmonary silicosis, etc. .d;
  • Beaver jet treatment is actively practiced in cases of hepatitis, jaundice, leukemia, oncological pathologies and blood diseases;
  • With its help, vitamin deficiency, depression, and general decline in immunity are cured ;
  • The substance extracted from the glands of the beaver has pronounced bactericidal and healing properties.

How can it be consumed?

Today, it is permissible to take a panacea in the form of powders, homemade or pharmacy tincture, rectal or vaginal suppositories of their own or industrial production. In addition, Castoreum can be used both for the treatment of external injuries and cuts, and for the purpose of treating internal problems in the body. In the latter case, preference should be given exclusively to a pharmacy preparation.

How to cook?

If you got a pure beaver stream, it should be dried until it becomes hard, then grind to a crumb state.

Self-preparation of a dried beaver stream on alcohol looks like this:

Who needs a beaver jet and when?
  • 550 ml of high-quality 70% alcohol is taken for 100 g of finished powder;
  • Everything is mixed and poured into a dark glass container;
  • The balm is infused in a dark and cool place for 7-11 days. It should be shaken periodically;
  • On the 10th day, alcohol is poured into the container, so that the liquid is cognac, and not very saturated color.

Tinctureon alcohol has a very unpleasant smell and taste, which is why you should know exactly how to take a beaver stream so that it does not cause persistent disgust.

Our ancestors used it in a company with honey or a decoction of fragrant herbs, then how a modern person can do it easier. It is enough to brew strong coffee or dilute any other coffee drink, mix a small amount of it with the required dosage of the medicine, and swallow it at a time. Thus, it will be possible to muffle a specific aroma and dull the disgusting taste of a panacea.

Preparation of rectal or vaginal suppositories is done like this:

Who needs a beaver jet and when?
  • Any herbal suppositories except ichthyol are purchased at the pharmacy;
  • The medication is melted in a water bath, and mixed with beaver powder at the rate of a match head of the drug for one candle;
  • Everything is well mixed and poured into molds - syringes cut off from the top;
  • The latter are sent to the refrigerator for the whole night, or until completely solidified;
  • Then, homemade candles are used according to the instructions accompanying indications for the treatment of a specific disease. In most cases, one injection of a medication is enough.

As with any other medicine, even if it is completely natural, it is important not only to know what specific diseases Castoreum helps to get rid of, but also to familiarize yourself with its contraindications. In fact, they do not exist, the only risk is to cause allergies, but it is minimal.

It is worth noting that the beaver stream was recognized as a fully assimilable official medication, requiring strict adherence to the recommended dosage. Deviation from it can provoke a deterioration in overall health.