Who uses peppermint oil how and why?

Have you noticed how the smells around you affect your physical and emotional well-being? Some scents raise the spirits and appear cheerfulness, while others frankly feel sick and dizzy.

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  • Why is peppermint oil useful?
  • What's in it?
  • What's the best and correct way to use it?
  • Contraindications and warnings
  • Why is mint oil useful?

    Mint essential oil is one of those few substances that can only have a positive effect on a person.

    Who uses peppermint oil how and why?

    This is achieved due to the fact that the ether contains specific molecules that correct the state of the nervous system, increase physical activity, tonic, eliminate the effects of stress and chronic fatigue.

    An interesting usefulness of peppermint ether is that it has the most positive effect on the mental activity of female representatives.

    They become less irritated, show more trust in to the people around them, they become less constrained and tense.

    In addition, the use of peppermint oil is practiced as an effective antiviral and antimicrobial agent, which is especially important for colds. It is in its power to bring down a slightly elevated body temperature and soften an inflamed and hoarse throat, improve cerebral circulation and relieve vascular spasms. Mint ether eliminates nausea, almost any kind of pain (gives a short-term but pronounced effect), freshens breath and rapid heart muscle beating.

    What's in the composition?

    Who uses peppermint oil how and why?

    Peppermint essential oil is made from the top of the plant and its foliage. The composition contains a huge amount of substances, the most dominant of which is menthol.

    It is thanks to its presence that the product is perfect for literally any type of skin, and is intensively used in the cosmetic industry.

    To be more precise:

    • For those with oily skin, mint ether helps to narrow pores and improve the activity of the sebaceous glands;
    • For dry skin, this product guarantees the preservation of moisture and the absence of a tired, "wrinkled" look;
    • Peppermint oil is an excellent remedy for the initial signs of dermatitis, eczema and acne rash.

    What is the best and correct way to use it?

    Essential oil drops are preferably used in even numbers.

    For example, to organize an aroma lamp you need 4or 6 drops, and its use gives the following benefits:

    Who uses peppermint oil how and why?
    • Brain activity is activated;
    • Appears a feeling of cheerfulness and freshness;
    • The air in the room is cleared of bacteria and pathogenic microscopic organisms.

    As mentioned above, the essential oil contains menthol and substances that have an antiviral influence. Therefore, such a product is useful in the form of warm inhalations for a lingering cold. It is enough to add 2-4 drops of fragrant liquid to the nebulizer.

    Mint essential oil for treating the skin of the face and body is never used in pure form, it should always be added to the usual cosmetic products: creams, scrubs, tonics or masks .

    When such a product is mixed with ordinary edible vegetable oil, the final substance can be used for the following purposes:

    • Rubbing the chest for colds;
    • Treatment of problem areas for diseases of the skin;
    • Compresses and rubbing for muscle pain, pain in the joints or rheumatism.

    In addition, mint ester can be used in the following cases:

    Who uses peppermint oil how and why?
    1. For the manufacture of an alcohol solution, making the stay in the sauna and bath more useful and enjoyable;
    2. In order to eliminate toothache and repel insects, mosquitoes - in particular;
    3. With heartburn, enough It is good to consume 2 drops of ether diluted in a tablespoon of kefir, jam, juice or tea internally;
    4. Mint essential oil for hair helps to maintain a feeling of freshness and coolness for a long time, prevents curls from quickly getting greasy, tangled and getting an untidy look ;
    5. A couple of drops of oil can be dripped into an opened pack of tea leaves. Then you can prepare an incredibly aromatic drink, which at the same time will have an analgesic, antispasmodic, diaphoretic and antiseptic effect. Drinking the same can be beneficial for high fever and chronic fatigue;
    6. Peppermint oil is often used to soften rough skin, chapped and chapped lips;
    7. Ester is recommended to be applied to exposed areas of the body if there will be a hike to nature. Its scent will scare away insects and even rodents. You can add the oil to your aroma lamp, or just add it to the repellent cream.

    Contraindications and warnings

    It is strictly forbidden to apply peppermint ether to the skin of the face or lips of children under 7 years of age.

    Who uses peppermint oil how and why?

    In addition, such a product should not be used for acute or protracted bronchitis, as it can inhibit the therapeutic effect of homeopathic pharmaceuticals.

    Oddly enough, the oil is not recommended for use in the evening, as it invigorates, provokes sleep disturbances anddream book. Pregnant women and women nursing a child also do not need to use peppermint ether, and when using it for cosmetic purposes, it is important to avoid getting oil on the eye area.

    To this list of warnings and prohibitions, it is worth adding that such a substance is enough a strong allergen, and when you first use it you need to be extremely careful and careful.

    Enjoy your aromatherapy and good results from using peppermint oil!