Why crack your neck and spine?

Characteristic crunch in the joints and the spine consists of individual segments appears during the movement. When the displacement of individual vertebrae relative to each other, the gap increases, in the joint cavity decreases the pressure. In the synovial fluid form bubbles which then burst. Most often the crunch occurs when changing the position of the neck, as it is one of the most involved parts of the spine.

This is one of the theories that medical theorists explain why crunches the spine. That is, if the crunch of the physiological – natural and does not require treatment when you are not experiencing pain.

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Causes of noises when driving

Why crack your neck and spine?

Crunches the spine is most often in the cervical spine, so he is the most agile. Rarely in the lumbar region: when the characteristic movements and special exercises or during high load. The crunch in the thoracic spine is extremely rare and is a symptom of pathological changes in this part of the musculoskeletal system.

In addition to physiological crunching sound when driving may indicate the beginning of some back problems, which can significantly degrade the quality of life.

"Music" the spine can be inherited. The increased mobility of the joints is laid genetically.

During the movement of the articular surface – from-mobile ligaments – depart far enough from each other, and when fall into place, you hear a distinctive sound.

On the surface of the vertebrae can be deposited salts.

This is caused by one of 2 reasons:

  • due to improper diet, the body gets too much salt and protein foods, and calcium salts do not have time to be processed and displayed in a natural way;
  • diet is healthy only in connection with the violation of the metabolic process, what is received, not absorbed.

The joint surfaces become rough and crunchy when driving.

An unnatural curvatures of the spine, the lordosis and kyphosis – the natural movement is difficult. The vertebrae is "not his own" place, grinding against each other. Usually in this condition sudden movement will cause severe pain, requiring treatment. In severe cases without surgery can not do.

Arthritis and arthrosis

Back can occur the disease, which most commonly is diagnosed in the joints of the extremities – arthritis and arthrosis. These diseases have different etiology.

The signs of arthritis can be the following factors:

Why crack your neck and spine?
  • age-related changes;
  • the increased load on the joint causing damage to the cartilage cracks and chips;
  • the thinning of the synovial membrane and reduction of the synovial fluid.

Arthritis appears when the introduction of pathogens into the joint capsule – they come in the General and specific infectious diseases gepatogenna and lymphogenous way.

Osteochondrosis and hernia

Osteochondrosis dystrophic and degenerative changes affect the whole vertebra was the most frequently pathological changes in the intervertebral discs. Affected individual spinal division, or all together, therefore, and there is a crunch.

Most often diagnosed the following.

  1. Protrusion. The vertebral disk bulges into the spinal canal, the integrity of the annulus is not violated. Main symptom is the appearance of a sharp shooting pain at the careless movement. Problem areas – neck and lower back;
  2. Hernia. Purposee the nucleus of the intervertebral disc bulges, but when this happens rupture of the fibrous ring, which causes severe pain during movement.

Most often, the herniation occurs in the lumbar spine and leads to rather serious complications:

Why crack your neck and spine?
  • violation of the natural upravlenii;
  • the paresis of extremities;
  • limitation of physical activity.

In the cervical spine hernia occurs less frequently but the consequences are extremely serious – a violation of blood supply of the brain, which causes oxygen deprivation of brain tissue and pathologic changes in all organic systems due to violations of the pulse transmission.

Is it harmful to crack your spine?

Clicks in the spine can occur when performing sports exercises. Can "crunch" during sporting activities and should not avoid such movements?

Without such training, you can lose flexibility. If the warm-up start pre-warming the muscles, increasing range of motion gradually to do not bad, no injuries correctly calculated loads do not cause.

For example, the Chinese gymnastics Ushu there are a set of exercises for the back in which on the correctness of the positions judged by the sounds that occur in the spine.

Thoracic spine

Why crack your neck and spine?

The division of musculoskeletal system is different from its "neighbors" small mobility.

Ribs and sternum form a solid construction that reduces the risk of degenerative changes from external influences. However, internal disturbances in the body also have a significant effect on the appearance of pathological changes.

If crunches the spine in the thoracic region, it indicates the presence of disease.

It is very important to consult a doctor for proper differentiation of the disease, as is often the osteochondrosis of the thoracic causes symptoms similar to other diseases:

  • peptic ulcer disease;
  • pancreatitis;
  • problems of the respiratory system;
  • it is similar to the pathology of the cardiovascular system, including heart attack.

Symptoms of degenerative disc disease of the thoracic:

Why crack your neck and spine?
  • pain between the shoulder blades, worse when moving;
  • pain in the upper extremities and recurrent numbness of them;
  • pain in the intercostal spaces;
  • the emergence and needles in upper limbs;
  • the pressure in the chest;
  • pain when breathing;
  • the deterioration in the quality of skin and fingernails due to lack of blood supply;
  • recurrent nausea and vomiting;
  • disorders of the digestive system.

Can be long with the help of traditional medicine to treat some kind of disease, set a diagnosis, if you do not know that all of these symptoms at the crunch in the thoracic spine causing low back pain.

The treatment of the musculoskeletal system

The treatment of the spine involved orthopedists and neurologists. Diagnosed only after examination. If the crunch is physiological – treatment is not required.

After diagnosis – in addition to the medications the doctor gives the following recommendations:

Why crack your neck and spine?
  1. Revise the diet, add more vegetables and fruits to reduce the possibility of salt deposits;
  2. Daily to do special exercises for the back of the complex physical therapy. It is necessary to strengthen the muscles that support the spine, to a strong muscular corset prevented the displacement of the vertebrae from its place;
  3. Effectively helps to get rid of the crunch in the spine, therapeutic massage, in addition he has a tonic and strengthening effect on the entire body.

If you are already experiencing degenerative changes, you should change the way of life: often interrupted during work, doing some exercise, more walking, women are advised to stop wearing high heels.

Is it possible to crack the spine on purpose? Experience has shown Chinese healers – Yes! Negative consequences for the body is not itself a crunch, and provoke his reason. If they are eliminated, the stretching at which the crack vertebrae feels nice and demonstrates a great flexibility.

With a good physical preparation to crack the spine as much as possible.