Why do you need breast milk testing?

It is recommended to breastfeed a newborn baby, because breast milk contributes to the rapid development of the baby. However, even harmful bacteria can enter it, affecting the health of the child. Breast milk sterility testing is a process that is currently in high demand. Indeed, if an infection is detected in the mother, it can be transmitted to the child. You can take the analysis, for example, in the medical center " Invitro ".

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Benefits of breastfeeding

Why do you need breast milk testing?

The peculiarity of breast milk is that, getting into the child's body, it provides it with all the necessary components that contribute to the full growth and development of the baby.

In addition, biologically active substances are transmitted from the mother to the child, performing a protective function. Breast milk contains components that protect the intestines from inflammation, reducing the likelihood of bacteria development.

And the longer the mother breastfeeds the baby, the more it will be protected from the influence of negative factors. Doctors recommend stopping breastfeeding if a woman has infectious mastitis. When the disease progresses without the formation of pus, breastfeeding can be continued. To find out if there are infections in the milk, a special analysis is carried out. It can be taken at the Invitro clinic or in another institution that the attending physician advises.

How to prepare for the test?

Before donating breast milk for analysis at the center" Invitro ", you need to be well prepared. For this, a number of hygiene procedures are carried out:

  • Hands and chest are thoroughly washed with laundry soap. Then the woman wipes them with a soft, washed towel or alcohol wipes.
  • The nipple is treated with a solution based on alcohol and water or hydrogen peroxide.
  • Two sterile tubes must be purchased in advance from the pharmacy. In the clinic " Invitro " they are given right in the laboratory. Milk from each breast is pumped into a separate tube. It should be borne in mind that the first portion of milk is not suitable for analysis, so it can be expressed in another container.
  • The material should be collected no earlier than 2 hours before the analysis of breast milk in a private clinic Invitro ". Otherwisee test results may not be entirely accurate.
  • Milk jars are labeled with numbers 1 and 2 to know where the material is from which breast.
Why do you need breast milk testing?

In the clinic " Invitro " the results of the examination will become known exactly in a week. Finding out the result will not work faster, since the bacteria need time to multiply. Ensuring complete sterility of tubes at home is not easy. To do this, they are washed with a soda solution and boiled for 40 minutes. If you take material for analysis directly in the hospital, such manipulations are not required.

In the medical center " Invitro " a comprehensive analysis of breast milk is carried out. Not only the presence of bacteria is determined, but also their number, as well as resistance to the effects of various drugs. Due to this, after the analysis, the employee " Invitro " will be able to choose the most suitable method of treating the disease.

Staphylococcus test

After submitting the material for analysis, specialists begin to search for harmful microorganisms in it. At the same time, a number of studies are carried out to determine which microbes are present in it and whether they exist at all. Employees of " Invitro " check milk for the presence of such bacteria: staphylococcus aureus, bacillus and others.

As a rule, harmful microbes enter milk through microcracks on the nipple. If a woman has large cracks, and they cause pain, she should be tested for antibodies in breast milk. Microcracks often do not cause discomfort in a nursing mother, but they appear in almost every woman who puts a baby to her breast.

Why do you need breast milk testing?

In general, if the mother's immunity is not weakened , then staphylococcus aureus does not affect breast milk. But if a woman has suffered an infectious disease, then the problem is likely to appear. It is recommended to carry out treatment and diagnostics in the clinic " Invitro ", where only qualified employees work.

If Staphylococcus aureus appears in the baby's body, a number of unpleasant symptoms will arise. In particular, the child's digestion will be disturbed. He will vilify, vomit and vomit. The baby will become restless, will often cry. Pimples with pus inside will appear on his skin. Often, children have staphylococcal angina. The child urgently needs to be shown to the pediatrician from the clinic " Invitro ", otherwise there is a possibility of developing sinusitis or otitis media.


When a woman has pain in the nipple area, she urgently needs to be tested for milk sterility. You can carry out such an examination at any time without a doctor's prescription. The doors of the clinic " Invitro " are open to everyone. You can view the results and prescribe treatment right here. Private hospital advantage " Invitro " is obvious: here each patient is treated carefully, delving into the essence of the problem.

Why do you need breast milk testing?

If a woman does not have mastitis, treating the doctor will prescribe her a course of treatment based on anti-inflammatory drugs. The baby is prescribed lactobacilli to reduce the likelihood of dysbiosis. The gastroenterologist prescribes herbal antiseptics for the woman. Antibiotics are resorted to as a last resort. After all, the mother will have to stop breastfeeding, because antibiotics are undesirable in the child's body .

A doctor from a private clinic "Invitro" can recommend a woman drugs that will not affect lactation in any way. and lactation.

Preventive measures

To avoid problems with the quality of breast milk, There are a few rules to follow:

Why do you need breast milk testing?
  • If cracks appear in the nipple area, they cannot be started. More attention needs to be paid to breast hygiene. It is washed with laundry or baby soap, wiping on top with sterile wipes. It is not recommended to use a hard towel, as it can make cracks even more pronounced.
  • A woman should pay special attention to her nutrition. Microbes love a sweet environment, so a nursing mother needs to consume industrial sugar to a minimum. It is better that it comes to the body from fresh fruits and juices.
  • For prevention, nipples are lubricated with solutions of vitamins A and E, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. Under their influence, the skin becomes more elastic, so that cracks do not form.

Breast milk is the main protector of the infant's body. Pathogens should not be allowed to appear in it. It is recommended to conduct an analysis in the clinic " Invitro " every month, so that the child always remains healthy. Although studies carried out by scientists have shown that bacteria that enter the baby's intestines along with milk are absent in the feces.

This means that they do not take root in the child's body. So, if the woman does not have purulent mastitis, she can continue feeding without problems.