Why muscles hurt after exercise?

Sometimes you can hear the opinion that the effectiveness of training is muscle pain. To some extent this statement is true. However, we must distinguish between the pain of "good" and "bad".

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What is the pain in the muscles after a workout


For a man accustomed to regular exercise, a little pain after a workout is the norm. Load subjects to change muscular tissue. It is a violation of the structure of cells and the accumulation of toxins. It is an indispensable process, accompanied by painful sensations.

Typically, muscle pain is evident after only a few hours after a workout, at the end of class or the next day. Moderate loads of pain should not be accompanied. However, a beginner will experience discomfort for approximately the first two weeks of systematic training.

To blame for the discomfort of lactic acid. During exercise hypoxia a possible of some parts of muscle tissue. This is exactly the accumulation of lactic acid. Reduction of the fibers lead to the gradual production of the substance, which after the end of the exercise enters the bloodstream.

Depending on the loads its concentration may remain high during the day, creating a rather sharp pain.

Such pain can be described as "good". If it enters the blood lactate, lactic acid, provides healing and toning effect.

Late muscle pain after a workout appears a day later. The concentration of lactic acid in this case, for it is not responsible, as the substance has already left the muscle tissue. But its presence could adversely affect the structure of tissues, deforming the fiber. The result is the small tears that cause discomfort until they are healed.

By the way, this factor is the basis of the way build muscle during intense training. On the site of the rupture, scar formation, increasing tissue volume. In fact, the body tries to heal the injury, actively producing at this time, protein and hormones.

In contrast to the discomfort caused by the accumulation of lactic acid, delayed effect is not disappearing. All the time training the person will feel some pain. However, its peak for the first two weeks. When you change the exercises, the discomfort returned with the same force.

This painful syndrome is also considered to be "good".

On "bad" pain can say, if during the period of training the person experiences:

  • clicks;
  • crunch in the joints;
  • constant severe pain;
  • unexpected sharp pain.

These symptoms indicate injury. In this case it is advisable to stop training and consult a professional podiatrist. Constant soreness is a sign of insufficient recovery of muscle tissue.

The body simply does not have time to heal the wounds, as it continuously gets a new. This attitude can cause serious injuries. You should take a break for muscle recovery.

How is the muscle recovery after a workout

There are a number of rules for optimal muscle recovery.

Among them we can mention:

  • termination of training;
  • the load on other muscle groups;
  • warm-up;
  • relaxing bath;
  • massage;
  • sleep mode;
  • the administration of specific drugs.

With unceasing pain can completely stop the training process, providing time for tissue repair. Usually this is enough for 3-4 days. You can not quit, continuing to load another group of muscles.

However, be sure to spare tissue in which painful sensations are present regularly, as it is a symptom of excessive load, crossing the line of permissible limit.

Fast muscle recovery can be achieved using massage, visiting sauna or bath, bliss in the bath, enjoying the fragrance oils in warm water with sea salt. Such procedures increase the speed of regeneration and have a calming effect. Massage should be performed particularly carefully, avoiding sudden movements. For tissue repair are shown a gentle, caressing treatment.

Another necessary condition for recovery – proper rest. Need to sleep to allocate at least 7-8 hours to the body time to rest and accumulate energy. The use of an easy warm-up before the main complex, perfectly warms up muscles and prepares them for further loads. Upon completion of the program, it is recommended to perform a series of stretching exercises.

Workout time should not exceed 90 minutes. One day is completely free from exercise.

To restore muscle group use drugs:

  • complex antioxidants;
  • amino acids;
  • inosine;
  • glutamine.

Drugs for local use

Antioxidants prevent pain after exercise by acting on free radicals. Amino acids should be taken with food, as these substances are not produced naturally by the body.

Glutamine is the primary means for recovery, it prevents the use of protein as an energy source. Glutamine is particularly important for athletes seeking to build muscle. Inosine protects against the effects of increasing the concentration of lactic acid.

To reduce the soreness will allow the ointment for the muscles after a workout. A good effect is obtained by using eye drops. This ointment contains a substance capsaicin, which is produced from hot peppers. To use the tool with caution, applying on the body a thin layer. When the ointment is absorbed, it is necessary to dress warmly, so that the energy produced by the body, is not in vain.

The tool is really beneficial for muscle development, but to use it is not possible for all people. Ointment causes redness of the skin, strong heat, feeling of Hotness. If the side effects of Capsicum was unbearable, better to pay attention to ointment General purpose, for example, Voltaren. It is necessary to RUB them by applying sufficient force.

The recovery time of muscles after a workout depends on the anatomical features of the person and the intensity of the load. Great value at this time is food.

What products help to rebuild muscle tissue

That regeneration was more effective, it is recommended to use the following types of products:

  • egg protein;
  • salmon, in which there is a huge amount of protein and fatty acids omega-3;
  • almonds, a source of one of the varieties of vitamin E and alpha-tocopherol;
  • beef, vendor, creatine, zinc and iron;
  • yogurt, representing the perfect complex carbohydrate with proteins.

And don't forget about water, the lack of which is threatened by dehydration and reduction of metabolism.

Knowing why your muscles get sore after a workout, and how to eliminate the discomfort can be much more effective to perform a set of exercises. Certainly, the time allotted for the gym, will not go to waste!