Why women may be red urine?

Changes of the natural yellow color of urine is usually a cause for concern. Especially intimidating looking red urine. This color urine may indicate pathology or be a consequence of pigmentation after the use of certain products.

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Red urine in women


Urine of a healthy person is transparent, has a light yellow hue, characterized by a specific, but not pungent smell. Change one of the indicators signals the appearance of a pathology. Colour transformation often occurs due to the ingress of blood in the discharge. Why this is happening independently, it is impossible to know, this condition is accompanied by hundreds of chronic diseases or may require urgent medical care.

Not always cause staining dangerous to health, it can be a manifestation of a natural after consuming beets and some other foods and medicines.

Red urine: causes of falling blood

The main factor provoking a change of hue of urine is hematuria or blood in the urine. This is a common symptom of a whole list of diseases:

  • glomerulonephritis – kidney disease;
  • hemophilia – problems with blood clotting;
  • urinary tract infection;
  • cystitis – inflammation of the bladder;
  • cancer;
  • porphyria is a genetic pathology;
  • injury the urinary canal and lumbar region;
  • the impurity of menstrual blood.

In the formation of stones in the kidneys part of them gets into the bladder and injure its wall. The result is red urine. A disease such as glomerulonephritis, causes thinning of the blood vessels of the kidneys. Reduced the filtering quality of the body and urine becomes a nasty red color that is one of the symptoms of the disease.


The initial stage of bladder cancer occurs without obvious signs, but due to rupture of blood vessels that feed a tumor, occurs hematuria. Upon detection of blood in the secretions you should undergo a complete diagnosis, as timely detection of cancer gives a high chance of cure.

One of the reasons why the urine becomes red color is hemoglobinuria. The disease is characterized by abnormally fast breakdown of red blood cells. Free hemoglobin is excreted through the kidneys, so urine is colored.

Porphyria is a rare congenital disease that leads to impaired formation of hemoglobin. In the body with this disorder kidneys filter out the substance that precedes the hemoglobin porphyrin. He transformed the shade of urine.

If the cause of the color change is the pathology of the urinary tract, the urine is colored not the whole, the tone changes at the beginning or end of urination. Colour saturation the physician can determine the causes of the blood, more precisely, to identify the area of the urinary tract that needs treatment.

Change the color of urine in women after beet

Not always the reasons that changes the color of urine are signs of disease. Why this happens in healthy people? Usually staining caused by substances taken into the body with certain foods or drinks. After the beets or blackberries can turn urine red. The same effect is taking some laxatives on the basis of phenolphthalein.

Why, after the beets changed the color selections? Delicious and healthy vegetable contains many minerals and vitamins necessary for the body. It has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Salad or beetroot juice is recommended for pregnant women for anemia. The cause is that after eating a vegetable the color of discharge varies from pink to red, the carotenoids. These substances are natural pigments, they also vegetables (beets, carrots) and fruits (apricot, strawberry) coloured in various shades of red and orange.


Carotenoids, taken into the body with food acting as antioxidants. Part of the pigments from beets goes to the kidneys, and after filtration in urine.

To understand the causes of staining test can be performed at home. Using baking soda and vinegar is easy to determine after the beet urine red or the blame for this is hematuria. To be collected in the vessel 100 ml of urine and add a half teaspoon of baking soda. If the staining occurred due to the beet, it will disappear. Then pour in the vinegar, the acid will return to a bright shade of pigment. Another indicator – if the urine is red from beets, it remains transparent, and when the cause in the blood becomes cloudy.

Red urine during pregnancy

The condition of the pregnant woman's body is under constant control. Urine analysis the primary metric by which to judge the health of the expectant mother. In this period women are particularly attentive to their health, therefore, the change in the color of urine is reasonable excitement.

The normal color of the secretions of the urinary system varies from light straw to deep yellow.

The colour change provoked particular pigments, the presence of which causes a variety of reasons:

  • medication;
  • food and beverages;
  • organ pathology.

The appearance in the urine pink or reddish in color indicates the presence of blood. Its getting to the highlight is a symptom of inflammation of the kidneys, kidney stones, cystitis and other pathologies. Such diseases are accompanied by additional symptoms: high fever, swelling, and pain when urinating.

Of all the mentioned manifestations of the woman should inform the gynecologist. The doctor will understand what caused the color change tests, and, if necessary, prescribe a course of treatment.


The first thing the doctor will prescribe, it is the General analysis of urine. It is necessary to conduct research in several areas:

  • the level of protein;
  • the number of red blood cells;
  • the presence of bacteria;
  • the definition of toxins.

Discoloration urine does not need treatment, attention is directed to the elimination of the offending problem. To establish the diagnosis will require a blood test, ultrasound of the kidneys and other organs. Drugs will be assigned according to the results of the survey.

To restore health appointed complex therapy, it includes antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs:

  • Furagin is an antimicrobial agent, prescribed for urinary tract infection: cystitis, pyelonephritis.
  • Urolesan – a drug used to treat infections of the kidney and removal of stones.
  • Phytolysin – has analgesic and bactericidal action, it is recommended for pyelonephritis, and urolithiasis.

Unusual coloring can cause severe physical exertion, in such a situation don't need medication, get enough rest, after 2-3 days red urine will end, and it will become normal.


Prevention of diseases that causes a change of coloration of urine, does not require much effort. It is sufficient to follow a few rules:

  • drink more fluids;
  • to limit the consumption of salt and foods that trigger the formation of kidney stones;
  • visit the baths and saunas, treatments with steam and the essential oil of conifers have anti-inflammatory action;
  • to avoid hypothermia, refuse from swimming in cold waters;
  • drinking tea with addition of medicinal plants: raspberry, lime, sage.