Willpower against excess weight and Smoking

How often have you started a new life? To lose weight or quit Smoking, no matter what, the main thing that you want to change something. Usually we start to execute their plans with great enthusiasm.

But after a day or a week and the fuse goes. And although the desire remains, endeavour becomes harder and harder. What is the reason?

Any changes in the usual routines of life are given to us. But if you have a real goal to which you aspire, the habit should not interfere.

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Why willpower necessary to man?


In order to achieve something, you have to really want it. This is the first and primary condition. If you are poorly motivated to lose weight, it won't work. But the deteriorating health or an inability to wear your favorite dress can provoke serious intentions. In addition to the desire, need and willpower. Even with a great desire hard sometimes to force myself to regularly go to the gym or not eat after six PM.

How to start doing unpleasant but necessary action?

First of all, we need a clear plan. You must write several specific items that you will need to perform. Be sure to specify the time frame in which you are going to meet (this will motivate). No need to write many paragraphs, write the most necessary and follow them. Next, specify the obstacles that may hinder you, and ways of resolving them. When you have everything laid out on shelves, all painted, it will be easier to start implementing the goal.

But even in this case, you can torment laziness. How to cultivate will power and to overcome laziness?

Here are some useful tips:

  • don't make too many things at once;
  • praise yourself for any effort;
  • take a lesson from the mistakes, but not dwell;
  • set a feasible goal;
  • every day work towards your goals, no matter if it takes 10 minutes or 3 hours a day.

If you use these tips are important as to gradually strengthen and grow. You will not be so difficult to start business. Therefore, it is necessary to cultivate this quality even at a very slow pace.

But what if, despite all efforts, you fail to develop this quality? For example, how to lose weight if no willpower?

Lose weight discreetly

If you lose weight does not work, but really want to try to lose weight not particularly straining. Don't need to starve yourself with diets or run for an hour a day.

That's interesting and effective ways:

  • often walk the stairs;
  • often clean house during the cleaning also burns calories;
  • instead of charging dance;
  • chew food thoroughly – will be satisfied;
  • walk in the evening;
  • get more sleep – during sleep the body burns calories;
  • replace sweets dark chocolate;
  • drink tea not with sugar but with honey (one spoon);
  • exercise in a fun – today a swim in the pool tomorrow ride the Bicycle;
  • use unobtrusive methods – add it to your tea cinnamon or ginger in the diet include green tea;
  • drink more water, especially well to do it before eating.

Select a few methods and stick to them throughout the month. The results will surprise you. Note: much strain was not necessary.

If this is all not so difficult, next to understand more difficult.

How to quit Smoking, if absolutely no willpower?

Smoking is very harmful for the body. That is why it is very important to quit Smoking. Well, if you can force yourself not to go to cigarettes. But what if you don't have the will to win?

Listen to the following tips:

  • first write: why do you need to quit (save money, improve health) and re-read this list every day;
  • use the special tools – patches, electronic cigarettes, chewing gum;
  • try acupuncture – using thin needles, you can get rid of nicotine cravings;
  • keep a positive attitude – remember that you are doing important work (improve their health);
  • occupy yourself with things that will distract you from Smoking (the more, the better);
  • avoid situations that trigger the desire to smoke;
  • don't let hunger, loneliness – all also triggers;
  • avoid self-pity;
  • reduce the number of cigarettes smoked gradually;
  • keep near something tasty but low in calories – when you want to smoke, eat a treat.

Using these tips after some time, you will notice that it is easier and easier to treat abstinence. And the hour will come when you will get rid of this nasty habit.

Of course, willpower is essential to man. But if you want to achieve something, even without possessing this quality, you will come to its end using the little tricks and gimmicks.