Wine vinegar - the sophistication of taste in your kitchen!

In all Italian restaurants and most of our establishments, along with olive oil, salt and pepper, there is a bottle of wine essence on the tables. What is it used for? Let's figure it out!

Wine vinegar - the sophistication of taste in your kitchen!

Tartaric acid comes from Mediterranean cuisine. This cuisine is based on olive oil, red wine, home-made freshly baked bread and, of course, wine vinegar. In recent years, this product has become dominant in American restaurants and has become entrenched in the home diet of Americans, and, finally, this interesting ingredient has come down to us.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the rules of how wine vinegar is made and find out what benefit and harm from it.

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Benefits and harm of wine vinegar

A good product is made in Spain from the best grape varieties. Grape essence in taste and aroma differs from similar products containing acid, and that is why it is successfully used in cooking.

Apple cider vinegar, as you know, is used by culinary specialists as a seasoning, but grape vinegar is mainly used for pickling. Overseas doctors prescribe this product not only as a seasoning, but also for health.

For example, everyone knows that good red wine contains many useful substances, such as resveratrol. In addition, it contains polyferol, antioxidants, acids, vitamin C, potassium, fluorine, iron, magnesium, manganese.

But not all people drink alcohol, but everyone can season a salad with a sour dressing. < br> In particular, this product is used :

  • as an antibiotic (since the 5th century BC);
  • in Europe of the Middle Ages, with the help of it they fought the plague;
  • since the end of the nineteenth century, it has been used for preserving food and improving health;
  • as an antioxidant, due to its corresponding beneficial properties;
  • as a rinse for hair and body;
  • as a homeopathic remedy;
  • for water purification, indigestion, hypoacid stomach, gout, lack of vitamins;
  • improving digestion, normalizing weight and accelerating metabolic processes;
  • to awaken appetite, to treat low stomach acidity;
  • with a lack of potassium in the blood.

Accept They drink wine essence, one teaspoon per 200 ml of water before meals. After taking it, be sure to rinse the mouth with clean water so that the tooth enamel does not suffer.

Lotions for gout and salt deposition with wine essence are famous for their effecttiveness. To do this, wet the fabric in water, in which acid is diluted one to one, apply a compress on the sore spot and leave it there until it dries completely. This should be done 10-20 times a month.

This remedy is used to massage problem areas with cellulite, as well as to tighten the skin for those who use express weight loss methods.

However even such a harmless home remedy has side effects and contraindications. For example :

  • allergic reactions to red grapes;
  • with increased acidity of gastric juice;
  • gastritis and stomach ulcers;
  • not used for acute cystitis.

Also, do not use this remedy when taking fermented milk products and probiotics, since acid reduces the beneficial properties of these food.

Grape acid interferes with the absorption of plant proteins such as wheat, beans, beans, peas, chickpeas, soybeans. When combined, these foods give you bloating. Also in vegetarian menu acid should not be combined with a lot of baked and fried potatoes. In any case, if you feel any discomfort, you should stop taking this remedy.

How to make regular wine vinegar

Wine vinegar - the sophistication of taste in your kitchen!

Making wine vinegar at home is actually quite easy. The main condition for this process is the presence of excellent wine at the base of production.

The following recipe is the most famous and most often used in Portugal. It has been used in the national cuisine of the country since ancient times. And the preparation of this product is a deep tradition.

There are two types of acid - white and red. The color depends on the selected wine. Cabernet varieties are best suited for the production of red. Good vinegar contains 6-8% acidity.

So, to make a good product you need :

  • Good quality sourdough - some excellent quality finished vinegar. You can get it as follows: take ripe wine grapes and squeeze the juice. Leave to ferment in a warm room, the mass should completely ferment. It is not necessary to tightly seal the container with the liquid, the outflow of carbon dioxide, which will be formed, is necessary. Do it as if you were making wine. Only the wine is taken to a cold place at a certain moment and thus the fermentation is stopped, and to obtain acid, leave the liquid at the same temperature. Now you have a good leaven.
  • Pour a good, but not too expensive wine into an oak barrel, add a little leaven. The fermentation process has started. If you don't have an oak barrel, you can use glass containers (and no other). Throw some oak wood into the bottle where the mixture ferments. Some add a cinnamon stick. Leave everything in this position for 30 days atroom temperature.
  • When a month has passed, your product will be ready for use. As the acidic liquid is used up, add more wine and so you have great essence at hand at all times.


Grape essence is successfully used in solving the following tasks :

Wine vinegar - the sophistication of taste in your kitchen!
  • in cooking for dressing meat and vegetable salads. With the help of it, fish and vegetables are pickled. Astringent taste and specific aroma give the products a certain piquancy;
  • in medicine, tartaric acid is used in the treatment of the gastrointestinal tract, to improve the functioning of the gallbladder, kidneys, liver, rectum. To relieve leg fatigue, get rid of puffiness and prevent varicose veins, rubbing is done with it;
  • in cosmetology, this tool is used to relieve skin inflammation to give the skin firmness, elasticity and smoothness. Lotions remove corns from it, and rinsing makes the hair soft and shiny;
  • in dietetics, wine essence is used in combination with honey. This mixture removes toxins, excess salts from the body, normalizes stool and dulls appetite.

Wine vinegar has many recipes. Among them is the preparation of this acid with yeast, as well as from grape juice. Housewives who prefer French cuisine are often faced with the fact that they need something to replace wine vinegar due to its absence.

In this case, you can replace this product with dry white or red wine. It all depends on what you want to cook - gourmet meat, delicate sauce or light salad. The following types of wines are suitable for such purposes: cabernet, merlot, malbec .

Cook with pleasure and benefit!