Yeast infection treatment

Candidiasis, or the people, thrush is a very unpleasant disease, which, unfortunately, can touch every woman. Reasons for this may be many, but often the culprit is a reduced immune system and a wrong intimate hygiene.

Yeast infection treatment

Modern pharmacy can offer a variety of ways that will help to treat thrush using various antifungal and anti-inflammatory drugs.

But many women still prefer to do without tablets and candles, referring to the people's recipes that for centuries have proven effective.

Treatment of thrush folk remedies can be conducted as follows:

  • conduct douching and vaginal baths;
  • using tampons impregnated with medicinal solutions;
  • the administration of the medicinal decoctions and infusions inside;
  • review of its lifestyle and nutrition.
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Douching and baths with a yeast infection

A douche is usually known as the cleansing of the vagina. The use during the washing treatment solutions will help to get rid of many inflammatory diseases, including from thrush.

In addition to douches, these same solutions can be used for vaginal sitz baths or just for intimate hygiene.

Douching with a solution of soda and iodine

As for the preparation of solutions from thrush here are natural Arsenal incredibly rich and diverse. The first thing I would like to note that such simple ingredients like iodine and soda.

It is known that the use of soda and iodine is one of the most common and the most effective methods, if we talk about the treatment of thrush folk remedies.

Yeast infection treatment

It is used by many women as ambulance assistance at the first signs of infection. Quite successful treatment of candidiasis baking soda due to the fact that alkaline (i.e., soda solution) is having a detrimental effect to the fungus Candida. Despite the fact that relief in women begins quite rapidly, treatment must continue for at least two weeks, because all symptoms are just the tip of the iceberg, as the fungus is actually deeply affects the mucous membrane of the vagina.

In order to perform the procedure douching is necessary in a liter of boiling water dissolve one tablespoon of baking soda and iodine. Remember that the position of the body during flushing should remain horizontal, but the pelvis should be slightly lifted. Entering the solution into the vagina, you need to hold your pelvis in a good condition.

Douching decoction of herbs

Our nature is so amazing that it is possible to find a cure virtually any disease.

To achieve the effect of treatment you will, if favoured by such folk remedies against thrush as:

  • chamomile;
  • St. John's wort;
  • calendula;
  • sage;
  • raspberry leaf and many other herbs.

One of the simplest ways to treat candidiasis is regular douching decoction of chamomile. It is known that this medicinal herb is a wonderful natural antiseptic. To prepare an infusion for washing, you should take three tablespoons of dried flowers per liter of boiling water for a couple of hours.

Yeast infection treatment

If you wish to chamomile, you can add the oak bark in equal proportions. It is advisable to douche several times a day, alternating the treatment with vaginal washing soda solution and iodine. Another effective remedy for thrush is the infusion of raspberry leaf and sage. These herbs are powerful natural antifungal agent and helped to get rid of candidiasis many generations of women.

Herbs must be mixed in equal proportions and boil in a liter of boiling water. Insisting the liquid for about five minutes, it is filtered and used for daily douching. The infusion you can add a couple tablespoons of Apple cider vinegar. To destroy harmful bacteria will help the herb St. John's wort and common onion, because it contained them volatile.

Solution for douches can be prepared, if in a liter of boiling water infuse four tablespoons herb, then add fresh juice of one onion.

Herbal tampons

Folk remedies for thrush include swabs soaked in healing mixtures and decoctions. They are applied usually after the procedure, douching or taking baths vaginal.

Effective means among the methods of treatment of yeast infection are yogurt tampons. They can make out of an ordinary gauze or a sterile bandage, twisting them by inserting a strong string.

The tampon needs to be moistened low-fat yogurt, gently introduced into the vagina and leave it there all night. In the morning you can spend douching decoction of chamomile. No less efficiency and have the honey balls, which produce possible by the same technology.

In addition, it is possible to prepare the onion paste and twist the cheesecloth in the shape of a tampon. Placing it in the vagina, you may feel a burning sensation – this is normal.


In the fight against yeast will also help revision of your own diet is an important step on the road to recovery.

Of course, the diet will not be able to fully destroy the yeast, but it definitely will contribute to a speedy recovery.

So, women are recommended to avoid the following foods:

  • sugar is a favorite product of yeast fungi;
  • alcoholic beverages;
  • vinegar;
  • yeast;
  • fat, smoked, canned food.

Instead it is better to diversify the diet of healthy food: fresh vegetables, poultry, lean meat, fish, milk and dairy products.

Beneficial for health grains and legumes. Fresh berries and fruits are also recommended to eat.

In addition, it will be helpful to ingest the extracts of medicinal herbs such as chamomile, which will have a beneficial impact on the body from the inside.

Taken together, all these methods give quick and effective result.


Many are concerned about how to cure yeast infection folk remedies, but few people realize that after the immediate cure is necessary to pay attention and preventive procedures.

Yeast infection treatment

After treatment with antifungal drugs will need to restore the microflora of the vagina, as well as to eliminate the main causes that resulted in the development of the disease. Gynecologists advise to include in your diet a special yoghurt and lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria to restore good and useful microflora. It is necessary to exclude or minimize uncontrolled reception of antibiotics and other drugs that are detrimental effect on the reproductive microflora.

People who, unfortunately, are forced for health reasons to use hormonal drugs constantly or use of immunosuppressive drugs, as well as those people who have undergone radiation or chemotherapy, are at risk for the development of candidiasis.

Such patients should be the prevention of special antifungal medications under the supervision of a physician and vitamin.

As prevention need to be reminded about the simple things. Should not stay long in a wet bathing suit, you create ideal conditions for the development of harmful fungus. For the same reason in the summer it is better to go not in pantyhose and stockings. After water procedures should be wiped dry with genitals, not to use other people's washcloths, other hygiene products. In addition, you should avoid swimming in pools with chlorinated water and do not use toilet paper with different colors and flavors.

Not the last role in the prevention of candidiasis plays a proper nutrition. You want to exclude from the menu of sweet and fatty foods and pastry. You need to include in the diet more fresh fruits, vegetables, cereals, greens, milk products. Of course, a devastating effect on the microflora of the genital organs having alcohol, nicotine, and even passive Smoking rather weakens the immune system, and can exacerbate candidiasis.

To enhance immunity, the woman should try to maintain a correct, healthy lifestyle, constantly to walk in the street and get enough rest to sleep well, to protect against different kinds of stress.

Adhering to the above recommendations you will not be wondering how to treat thrush folk remedies!