Yorkshire Terrier: description of the breed and traits of the animal

Among today's popular ornamental breeds much loved Yorkshire Terrier. This beautiful animal will be a true friend and a cheerful companion for his master.

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Description Yorkshire Terrier

Typical are the following description of the breed Yorkshire Terrier, as a comely appearance and a small weight from 1.2 to 3.1 kg. But the main feature of this breed is the coat, which has the structure of human hair and does not cause allergies from his master.

Yorkshire Terrier: description of the breed and traits of the animal

Description of the breed cannot be reduced to a small size dog, it is characterized by a long coat, which gives his appearance a special attraction. On the face Yorkies are small black eyes that are often barely visible due to the thick wool.

The front legs are straight the tail is set high, it is located at the back. Puppies up to 5 months, docked tail, reducing its length by half. Good mood the dog always keeps the tail of the "pipe". Yorkshire Terrier puppies, as adults, are active and mobile, their movements playful and fast.

This feature of the behavior of the animal and gives York a true Terrier.

Deciding to buy a dog, you should decide what size you want to see her in the future.

Traditionally there are no classifications for the size of the animal, but in everyday life it is generally considered such a classification:

  • standard – 2,5-3,5 kg;
  • mini – 1,6-2,2 kg.
  • super-mini or micro to 1.5 kg.

There is a perception that Yorkshire Terriers mini have poor health and low life expectancy. However, it is very misleading, the size of the animal does not affect the state of his health, with proper care, dogs of this breed often live to 15 years.

History of the Yorkshire Terrier

Originally, the Yorkshire Terrier did not belong to the number of ornamental breeds of the canine kind. Over time, it became the result of crossing several types of Terriers. Common Terrier breed was in England, in the County of Yorkshire. New breed combines the traits of the representatives of the black and tan Terrier, Paisley Terrier and Clydesdale Terrier.

In 1873 in England, was opened in the kennel club, where he compiled a list of the 40 most unsportsmanlike dogs. This list includes the Yorkshire Terrier, which in the XIX century was already quite popular in the USA and other countries.

Yorkshire Terrier: description of the breed and traits of the animal

For those people who like Yorkies, but they would like to see your pet in a different color, likely Biewer Yorkshire Terrier. They have white with black coloring and a long and thick hair. This breed dates back to 1984, it was developed by the Germans Werner and Gertrude Beverly, whose surname gave the name to this new decorative rock.

The first puppy beaver was a bitch by the name of Snow, a nickname which emphasized her white color. From regular Yorkies Biewer has a more balanced and calm personality, desire to make contact with his master.

the character of the Yorkshire Terrier

Many dog owners prefer large dog breeds, Yorkies seem to be the usual toys. However, despite their fun nature, these small animals have a temper, manifested by stubbornness and courage. York is a great watchdog who hears the guests long before the doorbell rings. Of course, he can't protect his master from enemies, but always in time to inform him about the alarm.

Dog breed Yorkshire Terrier is very energetic, always fun with them, so they often take families with young children. Yorkies are not always as harmless and cute as you look with a mind that the animal can be grumpy if you force him to do what the dog wants.

They are curiosity, courage and patience, they allow their owners to play with them like a toy, however, only provided that he himself is like. Decorative dog may even be too aggressive with other animals of the canine kind.

Yorkshire nature has endowed with a good memory, so it is easy to learn from a very early age. Special training for puppies is not required, they can all teach during active play. With the right training he will become his master not only a friend but a helper will bring Slippers or any other thing.

The health of the Yorkshire Terrier

To the representatives of this fine breed was healthy, did not have to exert much effort, because caring for them is very simple. For this you just need to make all the necessary vaccinations in puppyhood, conduct annual vaccinations to ensure your pet a healthy balanced diet is better than natural, but it is possible and quality food.

The animal also needs daily walking to maintain and strengthen its health. Observing all these requirements, the Yorkshire will have excellent health.

Common diseases of Yorkshire are the following ailments:

  • heart disease;
  • liver disease;
  • kidney failure;
  • diseases of the gums and teeth.

How to buy healthy Yorkshire Terrier

Want to buy healthy Yorkshire but don't know how to do it? Of course, you will have to visit more than one nursery before you find a really strong puppy with good health.

Veterinarians recommend that when choosing a puppy to pay attention to the following characteristics:

Yorkshire Terrier: description of the breed and traits of the animal
  • Puppy of Yorkshire must have ancestry, where the date of his birth, the parents and the kennel that sells dogs;
  • Baby Yorkshire Terrier should have its own passport – a document which lists the dates and names of all vaccinations;
  • When purchasing an animal, will note its age. The breeder sold the puppy undertakes to make all required vaccines, so the baby should not be less than 2.5 months;
  • To buy a puppy is necessary in the nursery of Yorkshire Terriers, since the animal market there are lots of infections;
  • A healthy puppy should be active, frisky, and have a good appetite, and attractive appearance;
  • The coat of a healthy animal is characterized by shiny and silky, which indicates the absence of disease.

Yorkshire Terrier with proper care and maintenance of this wonderful animal will be your friend and interesting companion!

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