Zucchini for weight loss - the best remedy for natural weight loss

Many people like to pamper themselves and their loved ones with delicious meals. However, excessive food addiction can lead to undesirable consequences. First of all, this is due to the clogging of the body with slags and the accumulation of fatty deposits. There is a problem associated with being overweight, which requires a prompt solution.

Zucchini for weight loss - the best remedy for natural weight loss

The best way to lose weight is to improve metabolic processes, exercise and, of course the same diet.

Most often, women choose the path of strict diets, which contribute only to short-term weight loss, because after the end of the diet, raids on the refrigerator resume, and all efforts go down the drain.

В when, well, you really want to have a tasty meal, ordinary zucchini comes to the rescue - this is both benefit and gastronomic pleasure in one product. It helps you lose weight without having to impose strict food bans.

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Useful properties of zucchini

Why are zucchini so successfully used for weight loss? The fact is that zucchini contains an incredible amount of useful vitamins, minerals and trace elements. At the same time, they have a high percentage of water content - 95%.

Due to this, they have a diuretic effect, and fiber helps to cleanse the intestines and blood vessels. Thus, toxins and harmful substances, as well as fat, are removed from the body. The fact is that zucchini is an extremely low calorie product.

100 grams contains only 20-25 kcal. That is, by eating meals with the addition of this vegetable, you can reduce the number of calories in the daily diet.

Normalization of the water-salt balance in the body, removing all harmful substances from it and other things " garbage ", as well as the improvement of the metabolic process contributes to a gradual decrease in body weight without risk to health.

The skin condition is noticeably improved, excess subcutaneous fat disappears, cellulite orange peel is smoothed. And all this happens only due to the fact that the benefit of zucchini lies in the consumption of their own reserves while losing weight. That is, the body draws the missing calories from body fat.

Methods for losing weight with zucchini

Since the effect of eating zucchini can be felt only if you eat at least 500 grams of this product per day, and the amount of calories received will be negligible, you should not get carried away with a rigid zucchini diet for a long time.

It is best to switch to a diet that is part ofThe price includes dishes with zucchini and other healthy products. Thus, you will not be full and not overload your body, but you will not be depleted of energy.

Zucchini for weight loss - the best remedy for natural weight loss

The best effect can be achieved by eating zucchini for weight loss in raw form. The juice from this vegetable is especially good as a weapon against cellulite. Once every six months or a year, you can still go on a strict zucchini diet: drink juices, make salads from vegetables, the basis of which is zucchini.

But it is better if the diet is less strict: in the morning and at lunchtime eat 200 -300 grams of zucchini in any form, as well as boiled chicken or beef, low-fat dairy products, cereals. Either juice or a light vegetable salad is allowed for dinner.

Another way to control your weight is to replace some of the foods in any recipe with zucchini. The bottom line is that in this way the calorie content of the served dish will be noticeably reduced, and the zucchini will practically not be felt, since it perfectly absorbs the taste of other products. This is especially true for those who do not really like this vegetable.

Zucchini dishes for weight loss

You can cook almost anything with zucchini. Zucchini soup for weight loss is an excellent option.

The recipe for this dish is very simple:

  • Into cold water (about 2 l) put the chicken breast without the skin. We put on fire, remove the foam with a slotted spoon. After boiling, remove the heat to a minimum, throw in a small peeled onion, bay leaf, a couple of allspice peas, a small whole carrot;
  • While the broth is boiling, peel the potatoes, salt and put them on fire, remove the foam. You need to cook until almost completely cooked;
  • When the chicken and potatoes are cooked, mix both broths in proportions 1: 1 and cut the half-finished potatoes into large cubes. Throw in a saucepan;
  • Carrots in curly rings, zucchini - in cubes, add broccoli. Cook all this together with potatoes for 5-10 minutes. You can pepper a little;
  • Pour into bowls and add a piece of chicken breast. The soup is ready!

If your body weight is not too much beyond the norm, you can treat yourself to a delicious treat and make a cream soup with processed cheese. The principle of its preparation is similar to the previous recipe, only you can add asparagus beans, peas, corn and other vegetables.

The main difference is the addition of processed cheese at the end. When it dissolves, grind the entire contents with an immersion blender. Then add asparagus, meat and a few pieces of whole potatoes. Despite the exotic color, this is not a soup, but just delicious!

Another recipe for a zucchini dish can be used for weight loss, especially in the summer. This is a vegetable salad. Several new ones appear only among the products we are used to. Peel fresh cucumbers, cut in half and cut into thick slices.

Cut tomatoes and bell peppers into slices. Tear lettuce leaveshands. Add fresh zucchini, diced, sprinkle with lemon juice and olive oil. This salad is very tasty and incredibly healthy.

Raw foods can also be used to make juice from zucchini for anti-cellulite weight loss. For a more pleasant taste, freshly squeezed juices of zucchini, carrots and apples are mixed in equal proportions. To achieve the effect, you need to drink at least half a liter of this juice a day.

Zucchini for weight loss - the best remedy for natural weight loss

Zucchini can also be used for making pies and casseroles, vegetable and meat stews, soups and mashed potatoes, cold appetizers and hot salads. There are no limits to the use of this vegetable in cooking.

A balanced, nutritious diet promotes weight loss gradually over time. Stable weight loss prevents a sharp return of weight after stopping the diet.

The key to a slim figure is proper nutrition and moderate portions. Eat zucchini with pleasure and soon you will see tangible results. Enjoy your weight loss!